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Do you have a dream?  Something inside of you wanting to be expressed, that is so deep, that calls you to a new way of being.  Perhaps in ways you don’t even know, but you can feel it within you? 

Many of the people I work with know that there is something within them that they long for, a dream, a gift to bring to the world, but they don’t know how to begin.

Some of my clients want to build a business, change a career or relationship.  Some want to get healthier or travel the world.  The specifics vary, but the process is the same.

In order to fully become who we are here to be, we have to surrender, let go, drop all that we are not.  This means walking through to the other side of fear, anger, resentment, unworthiness, not being enough.

When you feel the impulse of a new dream it often comes with disbelief, or a sense of how could I or fear.  That is perfectly normal.  As human beings we typically fear the unknown.  This fear comes primarily from a deep desire to change yet not knowing who or how that change will impact their world.

I was working with someone this week who is feeling called to a new way of being and working in the world.  She can feel it, but can’t describe it.  She is excited and fearful at the same time.  It feels big, perhaps too big for her current life, her family and friends.

She is looking at new programs, trainings and groups to join to help her get to where she wants to be, all of which, I’m sure would be wonderful.

The first thing though, for all of us, is to make way for the new, to clear the way in the conscious and subconscious for the new to be birthed. It’s like visualizing a brand new beautiful garden where there are currently knee high weeds.  The first step is to prepare the space.  Pull the weeds and nurture the soil.

The work that I offer does this, dissolving invisible barriers and beliefs that have kept you hidden, playing small or being unworthy for any reason.

Once the soil is tilled fresh and ready, then it is time to plant the seeds or starter plants.  This is the time for trainings and courses, not before the clearing has been. Done. Planting new seeds here give them the best chance to be the successful.

If you are trying to create a new life for yourself, it might be time to do the deep-dive clearing work.  I offer a 90 day Deep-Dive BreakThrough program that will guide you to discover what keeps you stuck, dissolving the barriers and obstacles, and freeing you to be the best You, you can be, resulting in a deeper clarity and confidence and clear pathways to living the life you love.

Put first things first and everything else will flow, grow and thrive!

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