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Finding Hearts |

A few years ago my friend Therese’s husband died unexpectedly.  It was traumatic and heart wrenching.  Over the years she has been in her healing process.  One of the things she often does is post on Facebook when she finds a heart shape.  She has been on the Florida coast and finds tons of heart shaped stones and shells.  Every time she posts one, my heart soars.  Now, whenever I find a heart, I think of her and my heart swells.

We had been in our newest retirement home for a few days and all of a sudden, I looked up from my favorite chair, outside the slider door and discovered that our orange tree is heart shaped.  It made my heart jump.

This morning as I was process through some resistance and living in the question, I began to contemplate this heart tree, and I knew I had to share it.

I’ve also stumbled on other fabulous hearts; on a recent hike in Cave Creek, AZ and on each of the beaches I’ve visited recently.

For me finding hearts is a gift and a reminder.  The gift is pure joy.  The feeling of, ‘oh look! Spirit is present and love is here.  I love to see the contrast and the landscape of where I’ve found a heart.

The reminder is one of stopping to remember to consciously allow love to move in and through me, to consciously open my heart even more in that moment and to take time to smell the roses.

Keep a look out for hearts this week.  You might find stones or shells, or discover one in the clouds.  Be open and exploratory, allowing the idea of hearts, and you will be surprised how and where they show up.

You might even find yourself drawing and doodling hearts as a reminder to drop your awareness into our heart, let it open, expand and swell with love.

Let love lead the way as together we have an adventure of finding hearts.

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