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Embracing Humanity – Embodying Divinity |

As New Thought seekers and finders, we are often brought up face to face with our humanity, even as we lean into our divinity. So let’s dive in a bit and take a looks.

We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience – living in human conditions.  In past the Mystics were able to go up onto a mountain top and be spiritual. In today’s world, we are being called to be spiritual in the midst of life happening.

My teaching is that in order to fully experience and express our Divine Nature, we get to embrace our humanity.

From my book; Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create A Life You Love, Page 21 –

You are a spiritual being on a journey to remember Wholeness. You are here with an amazingly full tool box of opportunities, gifts, challenges, and potential. You are here to find joy and love and peace. Who doesn’t want more peace in their lives? Who doesn’t want more light and love and ease in their lives? Who doesn’t want more play and fun and delight?

      And on page 22 – But isn’t our humanity what we are here to embrace? In the embrace of it, we accept it, allow it and integrate it. It’s quite beautiful, actually. When we embrace our humanity, we realize our divinity. For we discover our divinity in the midst of humanity. They are not separate, not mutually exclusive. They are the paradox resolved, the entire spectrum of polarities as one.

In Genesis, when Adam and Eve were created and then expelled from the Garden of Eden, they were given clothing of flesh. It was then that humanity began. Throughout the bible there are stories of awakening, an evolution of consciousness taking us all the way to the book of Revelation, where we get to re-enter Paradise. Not with the innocence of the Garden, but with the experience and growth that takes place through our history and lives.

Paradise, or Awakening, or the Kingdom of Heaven in that much richer because of the experiences of humanity.  But, what are they? Grief, anger, fear, unworthiness, guilt, shame, blame – to name a few.

Why do we need to experience them? Because they are part of our collective consciousness and buried deep within our subconscious. As we begin to accept that they are part of us, as we allow the feelings to surface, we have the capacity to change them. Not to make them go away, but in the processing of, actually transcend the denser emotions to a higher elevated one – like love or compassion.

If we try to get to Divinity by “by-passing” our humanity – we miss the magic, transformational work. What the world needs now is love; true love and transformation. What the world needs now is the transcending of the egoic fear, discrimination, lack and hatred into the Love that Jesus taught.

As we embrace our humanity, process through it we discover a true, deeply embodied divinity. And that’s when the world can change!  Will you join me – first in continuing the journey of “Falling Into Ease” and then as we move into the Holiday Season next month –  in gratitude and thanksgiving, begin again to birth the Christ – this time in the depths of your being, like never before?

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones to put the Truth principles that we know, into deeper practice; integrating them into our Beingness as together we Embody our Divinity!

Biggest Blessings,

Rev. Aliza

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