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As I was meditating and contemplating this morning I came across an attention getter.  It’s something I teach, we teach, and yet I caught my awareness in a new way.

We all know that we live and move and have our being in God and that God is Love.  Therefore, we know that we live and move and have our being in Love.

We know:  Love is the only answer.  Love is the only way.  Love can build a bridge.  Love is the greatest commandment.

But, did you consider Love as a simple decision?  That you need do nothing to get into Love, other than make a simple decision.

You have the power within you to decide to feel and experience Love.  You have the power to shift your awareness from whatever is grabbing your attention to the Presence of Love.  Just as a simple decision.

I immediately thought of this beautiful simple song by Daniel Nahmod:  Love is My Decision.  I have used it many, many times; sung it, thought it, worked it and today, I offer it to you as a reminder of how a simple decision can change your experience.  From something known, to a new vibration, a new texture, available at a new and deeper level.

Daniel Nahmod, Love is My Decision

Much love to you!  Which means today – may you experience the love that is all around you, within you, as you!

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