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As we head into this week, I wonder about Freedom and what that really means. I am quite free, but right now in our country there are many who are not experiencing freedom; but rather oppression and fear; who are experiencing discrimination and unjust situations that trigger fear and resistance.

The introduction to our Declaration of Independence contains the following words:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These unalienable Rights have been given to ALL human beings by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect.

I stand for these basic human rights! Now, while I do realize that when it was written, it was meant for all white men, of a certain economic status living in the soon to be United States; to the exclusion of people of color, natives and women; the words are there for ALL PEOPLE!

So the question comes:

Who do we stand for? Who do we stand with?

What is our basic moral obligation to serve humanity? We are not in this alone. We are the people; for the people. It is time to be involved.

All people means; no matter what color your skin; what your religious beliefs; who you worship; who you love; what your economic status is. So given this what can I do?

I can pray certainly. I can pray for our world and all people. I can hold our world and all people in love and I can look within my own consciousness to find the places that are scared; or prejudice; or discriminatory.

When I see them; and they are there for most of us, even still; take notice. Look, see, tell the truth and then take authentic action. What action to take? Get to know someone outside your own comfort zone; get to know someone who’s beliefs or lifestyle makes you uncomfortable. Take notice and open your heart; open your mind and then open your arms. Join a march, join a group, open your doors to those who are unlike you.

I’ve spent my life looking for and living in mostly a world of like-minded people. It is a brilliant thing to do and even those my like-minded communities are like-minded, I have to consider the question: Is our like-mindedness closing us to others? Where does the invisible boundary lie?

Certainly it is easier to be with like-minded folks, either in spiritual beliefs or other ways. Certainly there is a familiarity; a comfort; a connection made; but I ask you to consider; does it keep you separate?

You don’t have to leave your friends or like-minded groups, but open yourself to new and different possibilities. Find the mutual connections – do you breathe the same air? Do you live in the same parts of the country.

Begin to break out of the habits that you have; the habits that create the box you live in; to explore outside your comfort zones. Realize you are part of a race called HUMAN; and our collective religion is KINDNESS.


Many of the people I know are looking for more comfort; for more security; for more like-minded. Me, today, I’m looking to be stretched beyond my comfort zone; to be stretched in my beliefs and my boxes.


For the greater humanity. To break out of the habit of being me and the status quo with which I live, inside my own world. To experience a greater world, to care more; to develop a deeper compassion for things I don’t know; like poverty, disease; judgment.


To become a better human being, to activate my Essence in becoming more of who I am; and to see others in who the are becoming.

This country was founded on and for freedom. Where are the places we are not free; in our minds and hearts as well? Reach out and be. Reach out and Be the one I’m waiting for. Take a stand for humanity. For a World Awakening.

It is for this reason that I wrote my latest book: Paradox of Awakening – Finding Peace in a World of Chaos.

Will you join me?

Post a comment, send me an email, tell me You are For Humanity!

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