The Circle

Awaken Mastery Circle


Are you a deeply spiritual person…

Do you long for a practice that is ever evolving and encouraging you to do the same?

Are you seeking community of like-minded people to share spiritual growth, learning and expansion…

Would you like to strengthen that connection, awaken, and manifest your most desired outcomes?


This is EXACTLY why I was inspired to create the

  If you know you want this already… go ahead and Register Here!

Join us and You will…

  • Learn to navigate overwhelm, so you can… release the habit of spinning out with non-productive activity
  • Dissolve excess stress and fall into ease so you can… deeply connect to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of the Universe and know exactly what step to take next
  • Find real and lasting peace in the midst of chaos; so you can… live life to its fullest, be in joy and radiate your true Essence, enjoying each day with play, magic, mystery
  • Re-ignite your Soul’s purpose, drawn forth your dreams and vision from ideas into manifestation so you can…finally make that impact you desire; the money you desire; and secure the love you seek and more!
  • Be supported and held in a container of accountability and expansion


A next generation Spiritual Boutique, a unique combination of  Spiritual Space; Processes; Practices; Teachings; Support material and Community.  It’s a container, an ongoing continuity program with new materials, practices and LIVE support each and every month.


Who are we – in the Awaken Mastery Circle?

We are the next generation of spiritual leaders and light workers who recognize that abundance, fulfillment and joy are our true nature and want to have positive impact in the world!

We are a circle of like-minded individuals ready to make the leap into full expression, manifestation and bring our gifts to the world in new, bigger, better ways.

Are you ready to take the leap and realize your full potential?


What’s Included?  

  • Spiritual Assessment Discovery Call 1:1, in the first month
  • Monthly Training with themes that apply to You and Your life – always pertinent, always practical, always inspirational and educational
  • Monthly Themed Meditation/Spiritual Process – aligned with the Training, these are experiential and expansive; transformational and unique
  • Monthly Coaching with Aliza in a Hot Seat Mastermind format
  • Support Material, including but not limited to books, articles and processes
  • Private Facebook Group with weekly prompts and themes


The Investment

It is essential to play full out to get the results you desire. This is a consciousness changing, transformational process and though there will be information given and teachings presented, it is a deeply internal process.

Enrollment – $267 Registration plus an ongoing Energetic Exchangef $267/month.

It is highly recommend to stay involved for a year or more, however you may choose to cancel your membership any time after a three month minimum participation.

Ready to Register?

Need more information?  Want to talk about if this is a right fit for you? 

About Your Facilitator – Rev. Aliza

I’m an ordained Unity minister, turned Transformational Catalyst. I’ve spent the last 20+ years of my life dedicated to spirituality, both in my continued path and in teaching and facilitating others along the path. I’ve seen it all, heard it all.

There is nothing that you can do or say that will shock me. I have the capacity to hold you and see you – where you’ve been, where you and also where you are going and who you are becoming. My super magic mojo is to shine the light of consciousness in a manner that you can dissolve life-long limiting patterns, discover your deeper heart wisdom and reveal the pathway to your highest success in the life of your dreams.

I’m a mom, a grandma, a wife, a minister. I’ve been called (by Spirit) to listen – one time that found me on the road, home-free for 15 months on a spiritual initiation with nothing but my car. I’ve let go of and surrendered more than you can imagine and I’ve found myself and my path. It’s been a process of continual unfoldment and expansion.

As I’ve taken the steps in my own life, I’ve realized a system for gently, easily and quickly releasing life-long limiting patterns and dissolving invisible glass ceilings, discovered Universal principles for recognizing your deepest Essence and stepping into a life you totally love.

I’ve dedicated my life to the spiritual journey. Now, I’m living the life of my dreams. I’m married to a wonderful man, together we have 7 adult children and 15 grandchildren. We live in beautiful sunny, warm Arizona in the winters and beautiful lush Arkansas in the summers.

I can guide you with deep compassion, a light-heartedness and wisdom of my ages.

More about Rev. Aliza here.


Become a member of Awaken Mastery Circle  A consciousness building, support system to balance out and create a deeper stability for your whole life. A safe container to remove your mask, let down your guard and receive. Together we create the space, offer the tools to dissolve life-long limiting patterns, dismantle false beliefs and shatter invisible glass ceilings – all with my signature spiritual technology – gently, safely, quickly!