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Choose Love over Bitterness and Fear |

5000 schools together. 1 million children at the Phra Shammakaya Temple of Thailand Photo credit: Pranashama.org

Bitterness is the poison of the heart the same way fear is to the mind.  Bitterness and fear can only be in the realm of illusion.  Notice them and choose love.  Love is the only Truth.

In the face of the evets of the world – the France bombing, the Syrian refuge issue and so many events we have a choice.  A very clear choice.  To choose love or to be consumed by fear, thoughts of revenge and protection.

I’m calling us up!  We have to choose love – in spite of appearances in the midst of pain and agony.  Love is the absolute only way to find peace, solace and contentment.

Humanity is and has been living in the illusion of separation, of the ego and personality for thousands of years.
We are waking up to a greater truth.  Many of us have glimpses yet still get pulled into illusion.  The pathway of awakening into enlightenment is one of moving from the house of illusion to the house of love.  In truth, we have never been separate from love or God or each other.  In truth, love is the only answer and the only way.  In truth we realize the lies we’ve believed are castles built in the sand and when we know the truth they crumble.  The lies we believe are many, but include we aren’t good enough or we are better than.

I love the image and practice of all these school children praying and meditating together.  (Found on Facebook, not sure of the source.)  What if we stood with them, open hearted in love?  Might that turn the scale?  Perhaps and certainly in our own hearts and minds.

This week make it a conscious choice to notice the many faces of fear and choose love anyway. Become aware of the many faces of bitterness and give it no more power, choose love instead.  Join the millions of love and light workers in not succumbing to the fear, but being the light.

Open your heart, we are all one.  Heal the places in you scared and bitter.  Be a force for oneness and love in the universe!
If you are ready to interrupt the deep patterns of hurt and fear and bitterness contact me for a conversation about ways to clear them now!  I can help!


In love,

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