What else is possible?

In this crazy world –
In all of the unknown
In the dance between conscious choice and fear driven reactions –
In the midst of life…

I stand for Wholeness, for miraculous outcomes, for the power of possibilities!

I stand for living your biggest, bestest life (yes – even in quarantine and social distancing) that is within you wanting, waiting, seeking to BURST out!

I stand for living abundant, exciting lives; making massive difference in the world!

It’s what I’m up to – want to join in?

Starting TOMORROW –

An entirely FREE – 3 Days of Activating the Miraculous –
* staying out of fear and in possibility
* catching the virus of LOVE and Wholeness
* spreading a widespread case of inspiration and deeper awareness of a new humanity

JOIN HERE – LIVE on Facebook or

Register for the Replays Here

With Much Love!


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A Grand Becoming Adventure Begins!

Down Under Blog, Wednesday, February 5, 2020

It’s here! It’s time! A lifelong dream that was seeded 15 years ago is happening now!

Phoenix – Seattle – Honolulu – New Zealand (lots of places there) – Australia (lots more places there too)!   And maybe more!  Five weeks of grand adventure!

Photo Credit – Ron Long on Unsplash.com

How does it feel?  Exciting, a bit surreal, anticipatory, calm, expansive, global, quantum.

There were moments and conversations in the brutal throes of the fires in Australia that we considered canceling the trip. Well, to be clear – my husband, our friends and neighbors wanted to postpone it for another time. I didn’t waver.

The time is now. I’m called!  (Are you?)

Perhaps we will be helpful in some known or unknow way. Perhaps we are a part of the remaking of Australia and the world.

In December there was a planetary event. Five planets lined up with Earth and Ulura – a sacred spot in the middle of Australia. There was sacred ceremony, people gathered and called in the new. Uluru is said o be the solar plexus of the planet.

It was a sacred moment and felt bigger than I can imagine in impact.

I’m called to be there now! In the great awakening, the grand becoming. Something evocative is emerging.

Perhaps it is a new consciousness  one we’ve been waiting and preparing for since Birth 2012 – eight years ago!

What is it? What does it feel like?  To me – it’s a quantum leap into new dimensions; it’s no longer striving or trying or pushing or manifesting… it’s no longer about deciding, desiring, wanting or deserving, for all that comes from separation.

It’s a Oneness, a wholeness, a god-ness, and all work suddenly becomes playful and sparkly and fun!

It’s more of a designing – a calling forth of an infinite possibility of miraculous outcomes.

It’s already there in the field. It’s seeing it, touching it and then closing the gap. Drawing it forth, but without attachment to specific details.

It’s about becoming our biggest brilliance – and how fun is that?

It’s about knowing the portal of playful possibilities (thank you to a particular client, who coined this phrase). It’s about not being tied to “what things look like in the manifest world” but instead holding for miraculous outcomes – whatever that might look like.

It’s magical when you can let go of trying to make something that your mind made up and instead leap to a knowing there will be miraculous outcomes now! 

Holy cow – it’s exciting times! It’s expansive and freeing and evocative to play here!

Will you join me?!?

On the trip –  which while is amazing in itself – there will be way more than beautiful scenery! There will be sharing like this. Invitations to line up for a greater good. Ceremony. Quantum Bursts. Calling in the tribe and so much more! 

I’ll put you in my backpack – literally-

I will have your name written and you’ll go everywhere I go.

We have a private Facebook group where I’ll be posting as we go! Then at the end, I’ll have a special blessing/healing/burst for each person and we’ll have a group call!  Whoo-wee!!!

Check it out –  Virtual Walk-About! There’s still time to join, but hurry, I leave my home today! 

Signing off from Mesa, AZ!

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An Invitation to travel with me… Virtual Walk About

New Zealand and Australia!

It’s a VIRTUAL Adventure Tour!

In less that three weeks, I’m off on another grand adventure!  It’s been a dream in the making for a long time. Now – it’s here!

I’m inspired to invite you along!  (Thanks to my friend, Mary Lunnen for the inspiration.)

Read all about it Here – The invitation and background.

Come along for the ride! I’m sure it will be brilliant!

Join the Virtual Walk-About Down Under Tour from the comfort of your home!


I’ll take you on my journey!  By putting your name and energy on a special card – I’ll take you to all the sacred sites.  I’ll be quantum bursting us all in the collective at each place – taking photos, and keeping a spiritual journey journal. We’ll even have a private facebook group – just for us!

At the end of my trip I’ll be blessing you with a sacred card reading and personalized quantum burst and a group ZOOM Call. I’ll keep you posted along the way! Perhaps even doing a LIVE video or two.

WHY?   It’s fun, community, adventure, and collective! 


Value – Priceless!

What you save:   airline ticket charges; long airplane flights, hassles of travel, packing and more!

Fasten your seat belts – hold on and let go!  And Let’s Go!

Very soon, I’ll be getting on the first of a few flights; heading into a great unknown – open, receptive, generous Now! 

Check out additional Travel, Workshop and Retreat possibilities – all in the theme of Shero’s Journey – Spiritual Adventures! Purchase the book on Amazon.

About your Guide – Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

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Merry Christmas 2019

We are birthing a New Humanity – will you join us?

It’s Christmas time – the time of the year when we focus on the Birth – re-birth of the Christ potential within each of us.

But something new is happening this year – it’s like the BIRTH of a New Humanity!

The magic of the quantum field; the mystery of true creation; the mystical of the NEW is happening right here and right now!

This year – let the ritual of Christmas, aligned with the thin veils of the Solstice awaken in you a new-ness. It’s as if we are moving into a new dimension of god-realization; the becoming-ness is happening anew.

Here’s a quick process to try: Take a few moments to center yourself; align with what is wanting to be Birthed in you now. Feel the quickening and potential. Allow for anything to show up – perhaps it’s space, or familiar; but it might be totally new!

That’s what I keep experiencing – totally new!

Want to join along? Check out the new Quantum Burst Club – starting in January.

Here’s to NEW! Let the Birth begin!

Biggest Blessings,

Rev. Aliza

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Humanity and Divinity

Embracing Humanity and Embodying Divinity

As New Thought seekers and finders, we are often brought up face to face with our humanity, even as we lean into our divinity. So let’s dive in a bit and take a looks.

We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience – living in human conditions.  In past the Mystics were able to go up onto a mountain top and be spiritual. In today’s world, we are being called to be spiritual in the midst of life happening.

My teaching is that in order to fully experience and express our Divine Nature, we get to embrace our humanity.

From my book; Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create A Life You Love, Page 21 –

You are a spiritual being on a journey to remember Wholeness. You are here with an amazingly full tool box of opportunities, gifts, challenges, and potential. You are here to find joy and love and peace. Who doesn’t want more peace in their lives? Who doesn’t want more light and love and ease in their lives? Who doesn’t want more play and fun and delight?

      And on page 22 – But isn’t our humanity what we are here to embrace? In the embrace of it, we accept it, allow it and integrate it. It’s quite beautiful, actually. When we embrace our humanity, we realize our divinity. For we discover our divinity in the midst of humanity. They are not separate, not mutually exclusive. They are the paradox resolved, the entire spectrum of polarities as one.

In Genesis, when Adam and Eve were created and then expelled from the Garden of Eden, they were given clothing of flesh. It was then that humanity began. Throughout the bible there are stories of awakening, an evolution of consciousness taking us all the way to the book of Revelation, where we get to re-enter Paradise. Not with the innocence of the Garden, but with the experience and growth that takes place through our history and lives.

Paradise, or Awakening, or the Kingdom of Heaven in that much richer because of the experiences of humanity.  But, what are they? Grief, anger, fear, unworthiness, guilt, shame, blame – to name a few.

Why do we need to experience them? Because they are part of our collective consciousness and buried deep within our subconscious. As we begin to accept that they are part of us, as we allow the feelings to surface, we have the capacity to change them. Not to make them go away, but in the processing of, actually transcend the denser emotions to a higher elevated one – like love or compassion.

If we try to get to Divinity by “by-passing” our humanity – we miss the magic, transformational work. What the world needs now is love; true love and transformation. What the world needs now is the transcending of the egoic fear, discrimination, lack and hatred into the Love that Jesus taught.

As we embrace our humanity, process through it we discover a true, deeply embodied divinity. And that’s when the world can change!  Will you join me – first in continuing the journey of “Falling Into Ease” and then as we move into the Holiday Season next month –  in gratitude and thanksgiving, begin again to birth the Christ – this time in the depths of your being, like never before?

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones to put the Truth principles that we know, into deeper practice; integrating them into our Beingness as together we Embody our Divinity!

Biggest Blessings,

Rev. Aliza

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Paradox of Awakening, available on Amazon!

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Join the Global Meditation Movement

There is a movement to have 1 Million meditators – all meditating on one theme over a 24 hour period.

My friend and colleague, Anita Morrow has visioned this happening and created the movement. Read about the 1 Million Meditators here.

Anita and I did an interview last week. I thought I’d share it. We’d love your comments, thoughts and of course participation. We talk about the event, but also she asks quite a bit about my work – you might find that interesting too!

Here are ways to participate:

Join the Movement

Join the Event on Facebook

Attend my LIVE on FB – noon Saturday, CT

Attend in Hot Springs – 11:30 am CT, Saturday

I hope to see you there – and that you will join your energy in our global movement – “I Love Myself and I Love the Planet!”

In-joy and with ease!

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Paradox of Awakening, available on Amazon!

Discover my first book, Falling Into Ease here.

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A Matter of Perspective

The truck…   feels big and looks so small… 

Life and life’s challenges – sometimes they feel so big and then in an instant they can appear so small.

It’s no secret that I am not a truck driver and I’ve spent the last 12 years saying NO to RVing when my beloved suggested it.

For you see, I’m the primary driver and I didn’t think I could do it. I was terrified of the thought of driving a big truck around much less pulling a trailer.

So, now – seven weeks into our nine week grand adventure with our new truck and travel trailer, I have to admit…

I actually like it!

And I’m doing pretty great.

I have to publish this today, because tomorrow we are moving the trailer again, after being parked for over a month, and this time to a RV Park and we know that we have to back into our spot.

We have survived and mastered the art of NOT backing the trailer… up until now.  But that’s for another story after tomorrow.

Back to the topic of this blog.

I have come to really like our truck. I can park it – if there’s lots of space, and even back out of the parking spot just fine now. I’ve adjusted to its size and trust myself driving it.

But how big is it, you might ask?

It’s huge to me! It’s a mid-size, 2011 Dodge Dakota Ram. It’s not a half ton, certainly not bigger. It has a V8 engine which rocks when I want it to. I still think Its pretty big when I’m driving it. But this picture shows a different story.

This is parked at the RV Park in Jupiter, the trailer is just across the road. In this picture, our truck looks like a mini-truck. It looks like a baby one. And I will say both those trucks are really, really big!

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Using this image as a spiritual teaching. So is your life and your challenges. Even as big as they might be, put into perspective, they may take on another look and feel.

It is my magic mojo – to assist those who are in the midst of challenges, navigate through them with greater ease!

How?  I quickly, simply and easily can facilitate the dissolving, dismantling and releasing of life long limiting patterns and beliefs which opens up the way for new perspectives and the easing of any challenge into bit size action pieces.

Would you like assistance in changing your perspective?  Simply click the link to schedule your complimentary call! 

Somedays it’s huge, the next I see it is small.  What about you?

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Paradox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Like my Page

Paradox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Discover my first book, Falling Into Ease here.

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Full Moon and Rocket Launch

Wow, just wow!

What an amazing experience we had last night.

During our afternoon time at the pool, enjoying fabulous mid 80 degree temperatures in Jupiter, FL, someone mentioned that there was a rocket launch scheduled for later that evening at Cape Canaveral.

I looked at Rob and said, I wonder if we can see it?

We did a bit of research and discovered that the Launch was scheduled for 8:45 pm and the moon rise was at the same time.

With a bit of my urging, we headed out, after dark to the beach. The same beach where I was transported into bliss a few nights earlier at the Full Moon Sound Bath.

This time though, instead of being with dozens of people as the sun set, we were alone, and it was pitch black. We set up our blanket and settled in to await two events.

Then we saw it – the rocket shot off. It looked at first like a plane in the distance, then the light expanded, like a flare. It was fire in the sky. Then it shot up and was gone. In only a couple of moments.

It was at that moment that we saw the beginings of the moon, peeking over the horizon; bright burnt orange.

Our conversation include the pondering of that Rocket heading to that very same moon.

It was fantastic! It was amazing. Now I’ve added another bucket list item – to be at an actual launch, not 100 miles away!

I wish I had pictures of my own, but the best I could find, to capture what we witnessed was this one, from Nasa.

Image from IMG_1178b_LADEE-launch_Ken-Kremer.jpg

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Paradox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Like my Page

Paradox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Discover my first book, Falling Into Ease here.

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I’ve Fallen in Love…

I’ve fallen in love! With the Venice, Florida area!

But first… Tampa/Clearwater

Last Sunday we spent the day at Unity of Tampa and the late afternoon evening at Clearwater Beach. The day was rainy and cool. Here’s a couple of pictures.  Two cool things, I want to share…  

One was this amazing sand castle we found and the other was a miracle. We had been walking on the beach and were heading back to the car to get our way-cool patio, rocking chairs to bring onto the sand, when I looked up and found a beach restaurant. We decided to go there instead. What did we find – but rocking chairs overlooking the ocean. How perfect and cool was that?  

Then there was Venice!  

We had the amazing opportunity to connect with two different couples, both that we hadn’t seen in a few years (or more) and the sun finally came out!  The beach was brilliant and beautiful.

Yes, you might notice it looks like the same place. It is. Each couple independently suggested the same restaurant – how cool is that?  

And… Unity of Venice was amazing! The grounds, facilities, Presence and energy there was so wonderful. They were professional, proactive in helping me get everything I needed and so kind and generous.
My friend and colleage, Rev. Robin Reiter is doing amazing work. Everything is and was just what you would think a successful ministry is. AND… she had 56 people attend a Monday evening workshop! How cool is that???

This week, I’m blessed to work with a few clients, did beach time, pool time and got caught up in some backend paperwork.

Today, we are off to Jupiter Beach – let’s see how pretty is it!  

This Sunday, we are thrilled to spend the day with our dear friend, Rev. Lawrence Palmer and his beautiful wife, Beverly in Pompano Beach!

So, all is well on my end – living the dream and having a grand adventure. 
I’d love to hear from you!  What’s going on in your world and how can I support you?  Shoot me a quick reply and catch me up!

Biggest Blessings,

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Paradox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Like my PageParadox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Discover my first book, Falling Into Ease here.

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Home again…

Yesterday we got off an 11 day cruise, and drove just over an hour to West Jupiter RV Resort and proudly declared, We are Home Again!

As I said that, I wondered about this idea of Home.

For the previous 11 days, our home was a room on the sixth floor of the Holland America, Veendam Ship. It was quite lovely and came with all the prepared food we could eat, room service, clean towels anytime we wanted them, the beds were made (or turned down) and the bathroom cleaned at least twice a day.

It was luxury, as only found on a cruise ship.

For the two weeks prior to the cruise, we had been traveling from Arizona to Florida in our travel trailer. So each night, although we were in a different location, we were still home.

When I called my parents and said, we’re home; they responded, but where?!

Where is home for us? The travel trailer? Arizona? Arkansas? We have homes in each of those places, yes; but where is home?

Home is where the heart it. Home is a place where I can relax and settle. When I’m centered and comfortable in my skin, I can find home anywhere.

For the next few weeks, we call Jupiter home; I look forward to exploring, to serving along our Book Tour and to a healthy mix of adventure and quiet times. I look forward to teaching my classes, working with my clients and getting back to the writing of the next book.

Yes, I said it here – my plan is to get back to the revising process. I’ve got a big project, a shift in how the book will read in front of me and I’ve been putting it off. So, I hereby commit – publically, to write in it and on it during this time!

Stay tuned for insights from the adventures; upcoming stops and more!

Sunday, January 27 – Unity in the Garden, Jupiter, FL. Services at 9:30 and 11:15 – Workshop Following the Second Service. Check out Unity in the Garden’s Post on Facebook, about our tour HERE! See our Continuing Unity Church Book Tour Here.

Mark Your Calendars and Plan on Meeting us!

Beyond Florida…

Biggest Blessings,

About Aliza


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Paradox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Like my PageParadox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

Discover my first book, Falling Into Ease here.

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