It’s Hard to Be Hated

Some of you know that way more than I do, a middle aged, white woman with a fair amount of privilege. But I have had my moments. I’m not comparing my experience with anyone else’s, so read this with a grain of salt and see if you relate anywhere along the story.


I received a phone call this morning, completely randomly and out of the blue from a significant person from a former place of employment. It was a job that was one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had and while some of you know parts of that story, I’m not going to go into it here. It was hard from the first day I showed up.


A bit of back story

(Ok, I guess I am going to go into a bit of it…)  I, and in fact we – my husband and I, were hired to share a position that entailed making great changes in an organization. From the very beginning what they said they wanted and what they really wanted were two different things. They wanted change, but they didn’t want anything to change.

You know the story line. “We want great success, but we don’t want to shift anything that is currently happening,” which was not great success. They wanted a balanced budget, but were unwilling to really look at why it was so out of whack or take the actions that were necessary.

An event happened – an absolute, designed to tear apart and break down, doing by a single employee that undermined all the structures of order; and the fusing  we were experiencing when from low grade to high level anger, feet in the sand resentments and utmost blame. Yet, we stood our ground. Many times we wondered if we should have left in that moment – it certainly would have been easier on me and us.

We stood in what we knew to be right; as the expertise they hired, and took bullets. Every change we wanted to make, we had to fight for. And we fought, for the greater good of that organization and it was a hard fight. There were many people who stood against us.

Then it was time to leave and things got even uglier. Because of the role we were in and basic human resource laws we could not speak into what was really happening, so we took it. Took the blame, the disappointment, the anger and everything else that was shot our way.


The Brutality

In the world of hatred today, it may be minor; but inside my psyche, it was brutal. Then in the last moments, after an agreed upon exit plan, we were dismissed once again. I believe it was their fear that caused all the actions, but there were also personality battles raging.

I had held my own fairly well, as far as my emotional and spiritual health, but physically I got sick. Sicker than I’ve ever been before and it was in that low point of my body failing that I came to the realization that my life was more valuable to me than the role I was serving in.

But the end, just when I thought it was all coming together; there were once more monkey wrenches thrown in and the combatting continued. We fought for our rights this time as employees, that were clearly defined in our contract, and won some; lost some. I lost hope; I lost faith in humanity; I was beaten down and my own anger emerged.

I can feel my frustration even now, writing this; from those last days. As much as I’ve doing my healing work, my forgiveness and moving on; the wound felt as fresh this morning, as this person called as it did over 3 years ago.

Why did he call? 

To Thank us. To Acknowledge us; the work we did and how hard it was. Just as quickly as the feelings came up; there were washed away.


Forgiveness, Compassion and Appreciation in Acknowledgement

I’m not sure he apologized, but he did acknowledge our efforts and the deep, hard, important work we did.

He acknowledged that they would not be where they were today, without what we did for and with them.

It is a bittersweet moment for me. I’m grateful. I’m humbled. I’m appreciative and I feel acknowledged in a way I didn’t realize was still important.


It’s hard to be hated.

It’s hard to be the voice of reason in disfunction. It’s hard to do the right thing when everyone around argues it. Yet, it pays off in the end.

Thank you to the one who called today. I am blessed and am basking in the release of another layer of those times. I have such appreciation for the effort you took to reach out. I feel freed of an energetic tie that I didn’t realize was still there. I am freed and so are they.

If you”d like support in working through a deep pain, I’m available to help you sort through what is yours and what is not. Simply Click Here to schedule a complimentary call.


Love the ones you love; Love the ones you struggle with; Love yourself for only Love is Love.

Biggest Blessings and an extra special dose of love to you!

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More shootings…

More Shootings… no, not today… I’m still processing from a few days ago.


My heart is heavy, so much that I haven’t wanted to write about one more shooting – much less two more!

In the past week, we not only had the Pittsburg shooting at the Synagogue, but just days before there was a random shooting in a grocery store in Kentucky.

What is this world coming to? It breaks my heart every time, even as we are becoming acclimated to such violence and terror.

If you’re feeling disheartened, too; feeling that life is unfair; disturbed by the violence that appears to be condoned and even given permission by our leaders; know that you are not alone. I’m here for you.


What does that mean? I’m here for you. I’m a safe sapce to process your feelings, to voice your disbelief and despair because I can hold you and all that you are experiencing and expressing with great tenderness, and love. I can also be firm in my stance for you. After being a minister for over 18 years, there is nothing that can shake me or surprise me when I’m in the role of listening. Then I stand fiercely for you and your healing – whatever that might be.

I’ve opened up my calendar for a few consultation calls – no obligation chats to get to know you and to create an open space for you to process through the disbelief, despair and just plain old wondering what’s happening in our world stuff.


About the Image:  I’m including the image here because it spoke to me – shared from a friend who got it from a friend on Facebook, so I’m not entirely sure of it’s origin. I’m all for my Jewish friends, and that doesn’t exclude anyone or any religion for me.

Schedule a call, post a comment or message me.


Biggest Blessings and an extra special dose of love to you!

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Unity WDP Sept 13, 2018

Annual World Day of Prayer

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson and the Center for Divine Awakening are joining forces with the Unity Worldwide organization and the world for a day of conscious prayer. This is the 25th consecutive year of the annual World Day of Prayer.

The Theme this year is Courage to Heal.  

Affirmation, “I am a healing presence.”

What is healing to you? The root of the original word heal is Wholeness. You are already whole and in the realization of this spiritual truth in consciousness is your path to the outer manifestation.  Whether your need or desire is for physical, emotional, mental, financial, relational healing, it is ALL Possible.


Realize that “With God, all things are possible.”

Realize that “You are already perfect, whole and complete in Spirit.”

Realize that as you come into the realization in Spirit, it will manifest in the physical.

Realize “You are whole.”

Realize for yourself, “I am whole.”

Realize, ‘I am a healing presence.”

Relax into a new truth, a greater truth, one that may have very little to do with your factual reality, but is TRUE none-the-less in Spirit.

Add your name Here:  

Read all about the Unity World Headquarters Events here.


The Guiding Prayer:

Aligning my mind and heart with the mind and heart of God, I center myself in Pure Being. In a state of spiritual realization, I remember I can never be broken, limited, or unworthy. Courageously, I rise into my true spiritual nature in this moment of healing. I heal the whole of me as I accept that I am brave. I am bright. I am beautiful.

As I heal in body, mind, and spirit, I support healing in my family, my community, the earth, and the world. Centered in Pure Being, I am a healing presence.

To have your name added to our Conscious Prayer List, Click Here.


Although it is not required, nor expected – if you’d like to make a Love Offering Donation, we graciously receive. You may do so here:  


Joining with you in aligning to the Truth of who you are!


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Contemplating Freedom –

Today is Canada Day and in a few days we in the United States celebrate our Independence Day.




As we head into this week, I wonder about Freedom and what that really means. I am quite free, but right now in our country there are many who are not experiencing freedom; but rather oppression and fear; who are experiencing discrimination and unjust situations that trigger fear and resistance.

The introduction to our Declaration of Independence contains the following words:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

These unalienable Rights have been given to ALL human beings by their Creator, and which governments are created to protect.

I stand for these basic human rights! Now, while I do realize that when it was written, it was meant for all white men, of a certain economic status living in the soon to be United States; to the exclusion of people of color, natives and women; the words are there for ALL PEOPLE!


So the question comes:

Who do we stand for? Who do we stand with?

What is our basic moral obligation to serve humanity? We are not in this alone. We are the people; for the people. It is time to be involved.

All people means; no matter what color your skin; what your religious beliefs; who you worship; who you love; what your economic status is. So given this what can I do?

I can pray certainly. I can pray for our world and all people. I can hold our world and all people in love and I can look within my own consciousness to find the places that are scared; or prejudice; or discriminatory.

When I see them; and they are there for most of us, even still; take notice. Look, see, tell the truth and then take authentic action. What action to take? Get to know someone outside your own comfort zone; get to know someone who’s beliefs or lifestyle makes you uncomfortable. Take notice and open your heart; open your mind and then open your arms. Join a march, join a group, open your doors to those who are unlike you.

I’ve spent my life looking for and living in mostly a world of like-minded people. It is a brilliant thing to do and even those my like-minded communities are like-minded, I have to consider the question: Is our like-mindedness closing us to others? Where does the invisible boundary lie?

Certainly it is easier to be with like-minded folks, either in spiritual beliefs or other ways. Certainly there is a familiarity; a comfort; a connection made; but I ask you to consider; does it keep you separate?

You don’t have to leave your friends or like-minded groups, but open yourself to new and different possibilities. Find the mutual connections – do you breathe the same air? Do you live in the same parts of the country.

Begin to break out of the habits that you have; the habits that create the box you live in; to explore outside your comfort zones. Realize you are part of a race called HUMAN; and our collective religion is KINDNESS.







Many of the people I know are looking for more comfort; for more security; for more like-minded. Me, today, I’m looking to be stretched beyond my comfort zone; to be stretched in my beliefs and my boxes.


For the greater humanity. To break out of the habit of being me and the status quo with which I live, inside my own world. To experience a greater world, to care more; to develop a deeper compassion for things I don’t know; like poverty, disease; judgment.


To become a better human being, to activate my Essence in becoming more of who I am; and to see others in who the are becoming.

This country was founded on and for freedom. Where are the places we are not free; in our minds and hearts as well? Reach out and be. Reach out and Be the one I’m waiting for. Take a stand for humanity. For a World Awakening.

It is for this reason that I wrote my latest book: Paradox of Awakening – Finding Peace in a World of Chaos.

Will you join me?

Post a comment, send me an email, tell me You are For Humanity!


Biggest Blessings

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Reflections… on the lake and in life.

The reflection on the water was pure. It was pristine. The trees were as vivid in the


reflection as they were in life.

It was early morning and the sun was bright; the water smooth as silk; crystal clear and like glass.

I was on the kayak, about to meet the neighbor “ladies of the cove” for our regularly scheduled kayak adventure.

The air was warm, but not too warm. The sun was early, but was going to be hot in a few hours. The birds were singing – too many to recognize, the choir of early morning, let’s get the day going melodies.


Enjoy this short video I recorded from the kayak!

The reflections on the water were a perfect representation of the land above. The trees, the homes, the sky even. When the outer water is still, it is easy to recognize the images as perfect reflection.

When the water is rough, however, it can be harder to see. So why does that matter?

In life, as in our world; what we see in the outer world is a perfect reflection of what is going on in the inner world.

When the outer reflection is pure and pristine, like it is on the lake when the sun is right and the water smooth, that indicates that the inner life is also pure and smooth. That there is a connection to a greater wisdom; a greater love and all is well.

However, if your outer reflection is bumpy, rough or inconsistent, there may be a few reasons.

Reason #1 – your inner world might be a bit chaotic. You may be worrying or fretting over something. You might think it is because of the outer that you are fretting, but really, when you get honest and clear, you still have choice over your thoughts.

HINT – I remember a time when my mother was in the hospital, with a brain thing; – my waters were very chaotic. I held myself together for my father, but when I went home at night, I crashed. I could not find my center nor breathe through the emotional storm I was living. So, I reached out and called my colleagues and support system. The were able to see the calm, at the end of the storm and carry me through it.

You may remember an outer life challenge that you sailed through. Every outer life challenge does not have to be a storm. When you are centered, anchored and in a place of connection and peace, it is possible to walk through great challenges with a fair amount of ease.

Reason #2 – the surface of your inner world might be experiencing a storm. The winds of fear might be blowing, the winds of change; there might be rain or clouds. When there is an outer storm, it does not always represent directly the inner world. Contrary to Reason #1 – Paradoxical, actually – just because there is a storm doesn’t mean there is anything wrong.

HINT – If you want to know more about Paradox, check out my new book, Paradox of Awakening.

In keeping with our lake analogy – sometimes it is simply good to sit back and watch a thunderstorm roll through. It often can clear the air; refresh the atmosphere and can be fun to watch and listen too – especially from the dry comfort of your sun room.

Reason #3 – You may be in a growth spurt. We are ever evolving beings and with growth, comes release and surrender. It has to happen to make room for the new. When there is resistance to letting go; the waters can become rough again.

HINT –  With growth comes chaos – it has to be. Hold on, let go and get support! I’m happy to support your awakening growth! Schedule a complimentary call here. 

So, in keeping this as a part of the #SpiritualSnippets series, I’ll end now with a question:

When and what was a time in your life that the reflection you saw was an indicator for change; and how did you recognize it?


Biggest Blessings

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Life’s Lessons from a Surf Boarder

Surfing is hard work.

And it takes a lot of that work getting far enough out into the ocean to enjoy the surfing.

Seems a bit like life to me.

No, I wasn’t actually on the surf board as I received these lessons – I was watching!

Recently I was blessed by spending time at Turtle Bay Resort, in Oahu, Hawaii. It was a beautiful resort that is positioned at the end of a point. On the one side there is a quiet beach with not too many waves; perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Just on the other side, however is the perfect surfing area. The waves were big, the water beautiful and the scenery exquisite.

As we’ve already determined, I’m not a surfer, but I did enjoy watching!


Here’s my initial thoughts:


And similar thoughts expounded upon…

One day as I was watching one particular gal, I came across these realizations. She was working really hard to get out beyond the smaller waves in order to catch the big one.

At first she was paddling along and with each wave, she gently rode the crest and came out a bit further along. It looked easy and enjoyable.

Then a wave came that she wasn’t able to ride across; instead she crashed through it, coming out the other side, sitting up and wiping her face! She looked beat up and like she had to catch her breath. Yet she kept going.

After a few more crashing through the crest, on the next one, she did something I’d not seen before. She saw it coming, grabbed her board with two hands, took a big breath and rolled over onto her back with the surfboard on top of her. It was fascinating to watch. She came through that wave, rolled over and began paddling again.

Interesting, she had found an easier way through the storm of the wave cresting. Then she did something else. She saw another, perhaps bigger wave coming and this time she took a breath, grabbed onto her board and dove down deep below the wave. Again, she came out unscathed.

It was at this point that I began my metaphysical musings.

Surfing is a bit like life. Here is the translation.

  1. Like surfing, we chose to come to this life. We knew it would be some work, but we also knew that the life experiences would be worth it! That sometimes the greatest joys would come after the greatest challenges.
  2. Sometime, like a wave can hit a surfer without warning – life can give us waves, and bumps and crashes too. It’s all part of it – there is nothing wrong; nor did you do anything wrong to deserve it.
  3. Rolling over onto your back makes the hit easier to get through. I translate this to taking a rest; doing what you need to do to get through the day when the days are tough.
  4. Diving Deep – This is one of my most popular sayings, “Drop beneath…”. Drop below the mind and into the body; drop below the chaos to find the peace or ease or at least relief.
  5. Keep going. Do not give up. Keep going and you will get to the other side of the waves; you will get to where you can turn around and ride the wave of your lifetime!
  6. If you crash, simply get back up on that board called life and go again. Sure, take a breather, notice what you notice and try to do better.
  7. And most of all – Enjoy the Ride! Enjoy the ride out to catch the waves; enjoy the ride back in. Enjoy all that life has to offer you in any given day.

If life has been a little tough for you recently; take a breath – get the support you need; rest when you need to and keep going!  This too will pass and another fabulous wave will be right behind you – ready to sail you to the life of your dreams.

If you’d like support – please don’t hesitate to schedule a “Get to Know you Chat” – an opportunity for you to share what’s going on, I’ll offer some suggestions and then if appropriate I can share some possible pathways for you!


Here’s to Surfing through life – the bigger the waves, the better the ride!


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That One Thing…

You know that one thing that bugs you… that one thing that you know you should be working with… that one thing that keeps popping up, no matter how much you try to avoid it?

Are you ready to be done with it?

Once and for all?

It’s time!

Release excess stress to enjoy your full success.

Dismantle the barriers to LOVE, to find that true love and intimacy that’s been illusive up until now.

Gain the clarity about the exact next step you can take to be where you want to be.

Align with your true purpose in ways that allow everything to drop away.

Dissolve that one habit you have, that you know you should quit – with ease!


How, you ask?

By joining the Awaken – 12 Weeks to Transform Your Life program!  It begins tomorrow and there are still a few openings. If you are intrigued, message me!  We’ll talk and together determine if this might be the perfect program for you right now!

Schedule your complimentary “Call To Awaken” Session now!

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Burning Bowl White Stone Ceremony

It’s Calendar Turn Over Time again.

The perfect time to:

  • Finally release the burden of family guilt so you can stop beating yourself up
  • Heal your heart, so you can start the new year with love
  • Clear the energetic space of the past so you can begin fresh and aligned

There is magic and mystery surrounding the year end and beginning of the new. There is a time and space to breathe, to rest and reflect. In this interactive Ceremony you will be guided through a reflective and healing process and led to a receptive place to receive your new intention or white stone for the year.  A visioning process will complete the evening Ceremony.


On Sunday, January 7, 2018

6 pm PT – 7 pm MT – 8 pm CT – 9 pm ET

Join the Center for Divine Awakening  for the annual

LIVE in Mesa, Az and LIVESTREAMED from the comfort of Your Home!


Burning Bowl and White Stone Ceremony

The Burning Bowl –  Clear out the closets of your mind and make room for the life your soul desires.  Open your imagination and heart to the blessings God is offering you.  This is our traditional ritual of releasing to the burning bowl those things that no longer serve us


White Stone – We receive our intentions (similar to resolutions) for the new year.  Rather than focusing on what we will do, we focus on who we are called to be in order to birth the emerging vision of our highest essence.  During the service, we connect with our divine essence—whatever we call God, as we are invited to ask for guidance on what our word or words will be for the upcoming year.  These words will represent our highest intention and may be in the form of a new name that will represent this emerging spiritual identity that will guide us through the new year as our high intentions unfold.  That name is then written upon the white stone that we keep throughout the year as a reminder of our intention.


Ceremony – The power of ceremony and ritual reach deep into our hearts and souls, tapping into a place that knows mystery, magic and miracles. Through ritual we bypass the logical mind and embrace an inner knowing, a soul revelation.




Investment –  $25 or Bring a Friend and you both come for FREE  – (Refund after you both attend!)

Please enter your name(s)



In-Joy and with Ease,

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Center for Divine Awakening


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Activated… again.

Refreshed, Renewed and Re-Awakened.


Standing at the base of the Kachina Woman in Sedona, AZ, I was activated at a cellular level. My arms and head were vibrating, tears were streaming down my face and I was laughing all at one.

This woman, this vortex of the divine feminine was speaking to me once again. It had been years since I stood in this very place, and I remembered it anew.

We had been four days in Sedona and the Kachina Woman vortex was where I knew I needed to be. We finally got there on our way out of town on the last day. A few days earlier the Madonna at the Chapel of the Holy Cross jumped off the wall and into my heart.

We had been to each of the four vortexes and the Stupa, each place had it’s own energy, frequency and vibration; each one activating me in different ways.

At the Airport Mesa, which is a masculine energy vortex, I was activated, pushed even. While it was beautiful and the energies were strong, I’m not drawn to return there.

At Bell Rock, I felt a spaciousness, a Oneness with all that Is. The energy while still activational, for me, was quiet and soft. My heart softened, my body relaxed and I experienced a quiet in my soul that was refreshing and renewing.

Cathedral Rock was a similar, I wanted to sit and be still rather than push on up the trail. We were here at dusk and it was delightful.

But the Kachina Woman – she rocked my soul. She called to me and I answered. In me was reawakened a vitality in being all I’m here to be. Reawakened in me, was my desire and need, really for magic, mystery and miracles. I’ve been playing with returning to my Goddess work, returning to my lineage of being a High Priestess in the Magdalene Mysteries. Its been there for a number of months, but Kachina Woman brought it all together.

Kachina Woman stands for the expression of all that is feminine within me. Not opposed to the masculine, but empowered in and with. She is the expression of my Divinity, fully embodied in my feminine presence.

Done am I with pushing and pulling; trading in the effort for a deeper grace that lies within me. Done am I with hiding my woo-woo self for what I think others think I should be. Done am I with holding back or shrinking into the sidelines.

I noticed my tendencies already, to not rock the boat; to fit into my family; to not speak when I really want to speak. I also noticed already, my willingness to embody my feminine movements, to dance more freely, to use my body more consciously. To Be bolder, without being pushy.

It’s a divine dance and I’m coming to the floor ready to release that which no longer serves me in order to more fully serve humanity.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve had a coming out party, but here’s to another one. Here’s to the importance of taking time to refresh, renew and re-ignite the passions within.  I’m so grateful I have the opportunities and the awareness to listen and act upon my inner impulse!

If you’d like to reawaken a deeper part of yourself, schedule your free call here.


In-Joy and with Ease,

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Center for Divine Awakening

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Willing to Serve Creation

In 2010, I heard the words: Are you willing to serve Creation? 
Although it appeared to be a simple question and my answer was an automatic YES, little did I realize how my life would change.
The very next statement I heard was: Then you will be asked to surrender everything!  Again, I thought that would be ok, but little did I know what it entailed.
Over the course of the next few months, I began to discover the meaning of surrender. I let go of my job, my career; my relationship, my home and that was ony the begininng. I then let go of emotion – anger, fear, guilt, shame, blame to name a few. Then the hard part began, the dissolution and dismantling of my belief system and structure.
To make a long story short, I was emptied, cleaned and turned inside out and then a rebuilding began. The rebuilding came with new beliefs, a fresh perspective on Spirit and my purpose in life.
That purpose is Awakening! I stand for the Awakening of the planet! The awakening from sleep to Aliveness; from unworthiness to worth and value; from the focus on all that does not work, to a life that works for All. The awakening and realization of your deepest Essence; your most authentic Beingness which leads to clarity and confidence in purpose, passion and connection.
Love is the way, but everything unlike Love has to go, it has to be dismantled and transcended. I was given a signature system that quickly, easily, gently releases life-long limiting patterns, shatters invlsible glass ceilings and frees the soul to Become all it is here to Be!  This is part of the work of Awakening.
The other part is to realize your hidden gifts, passions purposes and bring those to the world in a way that supports financial freedom, contribution and your Soul with balance for your entire life.
is beginning next week. It is a structured support of Awakening!  Each week we will explore and experience a different spiritual principle that will aid in your ever evolving spiritual journey.  Each week you will be be supported in clearing the old and activating the new.
If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in your progress, this is perfect!
If you’ve been yearning for something, even if you don’t know what it is – this will be perfect for you!
If you’ve been knowing there is more for you… this could be the perfect next step!
Will you be part of this group? Is it your time?  If so, click through to my calendar and let’s chat about it!
Information page link. 
Here’s what a client said recently –
“I’m so mellow, so relaxed and yet on fire with possibilities. It’s like the urgency was replaced with a knowing that has allowed me to be calm in my actions.” 
I hope you will join me and if you are considering it – let’s chat!  

In-Joy and with Ease,

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Spiritual pilgrimage to see John of God in Brazil,

Join the next Awaken – A 12 Week Journey Program

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