Today, I choose LOVE (again)!

Today, I choose LOVE

No, it’s not a new choice – I’ve been chooing love for years, decades. But today – it is a deeper choice! It’s a broader choice. It’s a choice that has to have ACTION in it!

Today, I choose to SEE my brothers and sisters – those who look different, those who think differentToday, I choose to Feel my sisters and brothers – those who are suffering terribly in every and any way.Today, I KNOW – not with my mind and brain, but with my HEART – ONENESS.Today, from Oneness, I discover ALLNESS.

And in Allness, there is compassion, kindness, peace, joy and most of all SOLUTIONS to all that is keeping us divisive and divided.

LOVE is not easy – LOVE is hard work sometimes.

Love is diving deep into your own heart and pulling out all the anger, grief, rage, fear that is buried there. Making room for more love – of ALL people!

Will you join me? Today? Now?

No more excuses! It’s time for the NEW HUMANITY to arise – and it has to go through the current chaos of our country – through the division – through the pain and through our blinded eyes!

Join the movement – New Humanity Now

New Humanity Now Info ~ Voices For a New Humanity – Videos

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I’m outraged, I’m horrified. I’m heart broken. I’m struggling… and you should be too!

Today, I look out at my country and wonder. My heart is breaking – shattered to use a phrase my sister once spoke; my stomach is tied up in knots and I’m nauseous at what I’m seeing. The violence, rage, anger, fear; it disturbs me deeply.

The conversation seems to get polarized so easily no matter what we’re talking about. The topics range from white supremacy, to racial inequality. I’m the first to know that I don’t know. Yesterday I did a short video about Injustices (you can find it here). Today I was taking my process deeper and here what I know to be true in my heart of hearts.

The world is awakening and needs to awaken. All of the issues that we face are based in a belief of separation. We believe that we are separate from one another, from the Earth, from Source or God. In that belief we become scared of, afraid of, there is competition, anger, fear and that leads down the deep rabbit hole we find ourselves in.

I heard someone say, from a news channel that what we need is a spiritual awakening. I’ve been saying that for years. But let’s take it deeper.  If all of our world issues are ultimately around separation the solution is Oneness. but how in the world do we get to oneness when we are so divided?

The simple, profound, and not easy answer is LOVE. When we open ourselves to love, things begin to change. So, why can’t we do that?

Because our hearts and minds and hardwired subconscious patterns are locked in with fear, anger, rage, injustices, victimhood, resentment and more. We have it, not because we are bad people, but because it is historic, cultural, mass consciousness. AND it’s time to change that! Now!

How? Let your hearts be touched, let your hearts be broken wide open. For it is in the breaking open, that we can access a breakthrough.

Be willing to open your heart. Right now. Feel what’s there – the fear, anger, rage, sadness, grief, hopelessness, whatever is there in your heart right now. With the work I’ve been doing for the past decade, we can access the subconscious hardwired patterns and simply, gently and easily dissolve, dismantle and release them for all time. We are not talking about years or decades of psychotherapy – it’s quantum and powerful.

Then become willing to love. Love yourself, love your neighbors, love your enemies, love like you breathe. (Remember someone else saying similar things some 2000 years ago?) Love is the antidote to fear – all the time, every time. Love. Open your heart to every living being. Everyone! Drop the judgment. Drop the resistance. Drop the rationale and evidence and logic that says it’s impossible or unreasonable or crazy.

Just do it!  If you need support, reach out. If you want a community who is doing this work together – check out New Humanity Now.

As we are awakening, as we are being birthed into the New – the old cannot come along. There is no space in the field of Oneness for separation. And it won’t come from the top down, from the outside in. It won’t come from an outer war, or new governments or even punishments. It comes from a willingness to awaken to the Truth of our Oneness. Awaken to the Truth of what’s possible.

For just a moment – take a breath in and close your eyes. Feel into the world that you would love to live in. Feel into a world that works for ALL people! Feel into a beauty, connection, compassion, kindness. Feel into a world that has sustainable systems that support everyone – in living full, happy, productive lives. Feel into a baby that knows she’s loved. It’s that sense of security that arises. It’s available now.

Join us and claim it. Join the movement for ALL people matter! And then from this very centered space of love – ask yourself, “What is mine to do.” Then go do that! From love. In love. As love. That’s the only way through this mess we find ourselves in. I know it in my heart. It’s the biggest, boldest spiritual activism that I know of.

Join the movement! Join the conversation. New Humanity Now . Sign up here – three levels to engage! Like, Comment, Share the posts!

One easy and simple way to play is to join in our #BirthingANewWorld – posting a single image of beauty and inspiration to uplift on your facebook page. Use the hashtag and tag me. When you see a post with this hashtag, comment. Let’s spread the love in anyway we can. Start with the easy ways, and build up to the most biggest, boldest love possible!

Another way – not quite so easy or simple – Watch my friend, Denise Lee’s video. She is one of the most brilliant and brave people I know – in this video she calls us out and she calls us into her room. Just watch and be moved!

I’m here – I might not understand the pain and injustice, but I see you. I hear you. I stand with you in solidarity and I love you! Yes, YOU!

Is it enough? I don’t know, but it’s a start! It’s what I can do! It’s where I’m called to be! I take a stand for the equality of all people! For the safety of all people! For the witnessing of all people! For LOVE for all people! It starts right here in our hearts –

Open your heart! Open your heart to those who are unlike you! Open your heart to ALL PEOPLE! Now!

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ― Desmond Tutu

New Humanity Now Info ~ Voices For a New Humanity – Videos

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We made it…

We survived April and made it into May!

April showers bring May flowers – and I’m practicing my editing skills…

Whew – we’ve made it through just about the weirdest, strangest month of my lifetime. While so many were staying in, being shut down, isolated from the world at large; there were others who are feeling more connected, more engaged (albeit online) and super excited about what’s happening as we move through these times.

I’m mostly one of those –  I see so much good coming! I see so much potential and powering up of possibilities! I’m feeling the birth of New Humanity Now! 

I know, I know – I’ve been talking about this for so long- up to a decade, maybe even. But it’s here! And it’s brilliant, and messy, and disturbing, and exciting – all at once!

Now, to be totally transparent, I’ve had some days where I had to shut down; where life out there was just too painful as I watched the news or stories about front line responders and the war zone types of experiences they are having.

I am utmost-ly grateful for them! For all who are keeping our world moving! And I’m in deep compassion for those who are hurting; in grief, in economic distress and all the other ways the drama/trauma is moving through so many lives.

Then, in the midst of it, I rise up again. Seeing, calling forth, claiming and proclaiming that not only will we get through these times, we will THRIVE and be even more ALIVE! There is something happening that is different than ever before.

In that, I’m launching New Humanity Now – an place to explore; to bring the wholeness of yourself and your experiences and to lean into the Becomingness of Being. It’s here that we are finding deeper love, more compassion, kindness to the nth degree, innovation, creativity and collaboration like never before.

New Humanity Now is a gathering place of the New, exploring the thoughts, ideas and possibilities, even as we release the pain and struggle of the current times. It’s a place to grow, to be witnessed, to be called forth in whatever is yours to Be and then from Beingness to Do.

It’s super easy to join and we kick off next week! 

Read more about it HERE.

I’ve also been talking to people about what New Humanity Means to them; how it’s showing up in their experiences. I’m calling this the Voices of A New Humanity video series.  It’s been super fun and there are already 4 conversations posted on the webpage  Check them out – more have been recorded and will be released in the coming days.

If you’d like to participate in the Voices series, simply COMMENT and let me know!

Here’s the the New!

Here’s to love, kindness, compassion, equality, fulfillment and Awakening!

Much love,

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This moment in time…

It’s officialy late April now, and there is still so much happening in our world!

Most of us are on lock-down of some sorts. People’s emotions are at an all time “FEEL” – meaning, most of us are feeling all kinds of emotions – the entire range of them.

I’m wondering, though…

If you are like me and are sensing the miraculous? If you are feeling the impulse beneath the outer reality? If you are one who knows that this current situation is Birthing A New Humanity?

I feel it in my bones. And I am finding evidence every day that others – lots of others are feeling it too!

Because of that – because of YOU – I’m gathering a Tribe, a collective of awakening folks who know it, even when they can’t see it.

Check it out – New Humanity Now

For a limited time, I’m offering a Charter Member’s price – good for LIFE – If NOW is the TIME – click through!

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A new – free – place to play!

Powering Up Possibilities

Quantum Bursting Magic and Miracles in Your Life and the World!

Come and join the brand newly recreated group on Facebook – for all the great and exciting and engaging ways to stay in commuity, connection and the amazing world of Possibilities!

There are new things happening NOW – and in the near future!

Coming May 23 – A Free Event – Super Powers and Miracles – Oh My – Sourcing a Miraculous World Together!

In April – Activating the Miraculous – Quantum Bursting Magic and Miracles in your Life and in the World – A 4 week Course in getting out of reactions to “what is” and into the Power of Possibilities – Details coming soon – Find them in the Powering Up Possibilities group here.

Also in the GROUP Live video tips and practices and MORE!

Hope to see you there!

Much love,

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What else is possible?

In this crazy world –
In all of the unknown
In the dance between conscious choice and fear driven reactions –
In the midst of life…

I stand for Wholeness, for miraculous outcomes, for the power of possibilities!

I stand for living your biggest, bestest life (yes – even in quarantine and social distancing) that is within you wanting, waiting, seeking to BURST out!

I stand for living abundant, exciting lives; making massive difference in the world!

It’s what I’m up to – want to join in?

Starting TOMORROW –

An entirely FREE – 3 Days of Activating the Miraculous –
* staying out of fear and in possibility
* catching the virus of LOVE and Wholeness
* spreading a widespread case of inspiration and deeper awareness of a new humanity

JOIN HERE – LIVE on Facebook or

Register for the Replays Here

With Much Love!


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A Grand Becoming Adventure Begins!

Down Under Blog, Wednesday, February 5, 2020

It’s here! It’s time! A lifelong dream that was seeded 15 years ago is happening now!

Phoenix – Seattle – Honolulu – New Zealand (lots of places there) – Australia (lots more places there too)!   And maybe more!  Five weeks of grand adventure!

Photo Credit – Ron Long on

How does it feel?  Exciting, a bit surreal, anticipatory, calm, expansive, global, quantum.

There were moments and conversations in the brutal throes of the fires in Australia that we considered canceling the trip. Well, to be clear – my husband, our friends and neighbors wanted to postpone it for another time. I didn’t waver.

The time is now. I’m called!  (Are you?)

Perhaps we will be helpful in some known or unknow way. Perhaps we are a part of the remaking of Australia and the world.

In December there was a planetary event. Five planets lined up with Earth and Ulura – a sacred spot in the middle of Australia. There was sacred ceremony, people gathered and called in the new. Uluru is said o be the solar plexus of the planet.

It was a sacred moment and felt bigger than I can imagine in impact.

I’m called to be there now! In the great awakening, the grand becoming. Something evocative is emerging.

Perhaps it is a new consciousness  one we’ve been waiting and preparing for since Birth 2012 – eight years ago!

What is it? What does it feel like?  To me – it’s a quantum leap into new dimensions; it’s no longer striving or trying or pushing or manifesting… it’s no longer about deciding, desiring, wanting or deserving, for all that comes from separation.

It’s a Oneness, a wholeness, a god-ness, and all work suddenly becomes playful and sparkly and fun!

It’s more of a designing – a calling forth of an infinite possibility of miraculous outcomes.

It’s already there in the field. It’s seeing it, touching it and then closing the gap. Drawing it forth, but without attachment to specific details.

It’s about becoming our biggest brilliance – and how fun is that?

It’s about knowing the portal of playful possibilities (thank you to a particular client, who coined this phrase). It’s about not being tied to “what things look like in the manifest world” but instead holding for miraculous outcomes – whatever that might look like.

It’s magical when you can let go of trying to make something that your mind made up and instead leap to a knowing there will be miraculous outcomes now! 

Holy cow – it’s exciting times! It’s expansive and freeing and evocative to play here!

Will you join me?!?

On the trip –  which while is amazing in itself – there will be way more than beautiful scenery! There will be sharing like this. Invitations to line up for a greater good. Ceremony. Quantum Bursts. Calling in the tribe and so much more! 

I’ll put you in my backpack – literally-

I will have your name written and you’ll go everywhere I go.

We have a private Facebook group where I’ll be posting as we go! Then at the end, I’ll have a special blessing/healing/burst for each person and we’ll have a group call!  Whoo-wee!!!

Check it out –  Virtual Walk-About! There’s still time to join, but hurry, I leave my home today! 

Signing off from Mesa, AZ!

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An Invitation to travel with me… Virtual Walk About

New Zealand and Australia!

It’s a VIRTUAL Adventure Tour!

In less that three weeks, I’m off on another grand adventure!  It’s been a dream in the making for a long time. Now – it’s here!

I’m inspired to invite you along!  (Thanks to my friend, Mary Lunnen for the inspiration.)

Read all about it Here – The invitation and background.

Come along for the ride! I’m sure it will be brilliant!

Join the Virtual Walk-About Down Under Tour from the comfort of your home!


I’ll take you on my journey!  By putting your name and energy on a special card – I’ll take you to all the sacred sites.  I’ll be quantum bursting us all in the collective at each place – taking photos, and keeping a spiritual journey journal. We’ll even have a private facebook group – just for us!

At the end of my trip I’ll be blessing you with a sacred card reading and personalized quantum burst and a group ZOOM Call. I’ll keep you posted along the way! Perhaps even doing a LIVE video or two.

WHY?   It’s fun, community, adventure, and collective! 


Value – Priceless!

What you save:   airline ticket charges; long airplane flights, hassles of travel, packing and more!

Fasten your seat belts – hold on and let go!  And Let’s Go!

Very soon, I’ll be getting on the first of a few flights; heading into a great unknown – open, receptive, generous Now! 

Check out additional Travel, Workshop and Retreat possibilities – all in the theme of Shero’s Journey – Spiritual Adventures! Purchase the book on Amazon.

About your Guide – Rev. Aliza Bloom Robinson

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Merry Christmas 2019

We are birthing a New Humanity – will you join us?

It’s Christmas time – the time of the year when we focus on the Birth – re-birth of the Christ potential within each of us.

But something new is happening this year – it’s like the BIRTH of a New Humanity!

The magic of the quantum field; the mystery of true creation; the mystical of the NEW is happening right here and right now!

This year – let the ritual of Christmas, aligned with the thin veils of the Solstice awaken in you a new-ness. It’s as if we are moving into a new dimension of god-realization; the becoming-ness is happening anew.

Here’s a quick process to try: Take a few moments to center yourself; align with what is wanting to be Birthed in you now. Feel the quickening and potential. Allow for anything to show up – perhaps it’s space, or familiar; but it might be totally new!

That’s what I keep experiencing – totally new!

Want to join along? Check out the new Quantum Burst Club – starting in January.

Here’s to NEW! Let the Birth begin!

Biggest Blessings,

Rev. Aliza

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Humanity and Divinity

Embracing Humanity and Embodying Divinity

As New Thought seekers and finders, we are often brought up face to face with our humanity, even as we lean into our divinity. So let’s dive in a bit and take a looks.

We are spiritual beings having a spiritual experience – living in human conditions.  In past the Mystics were able to go up onto a mountain top and be spiritual. In today’s world, we are being called to be spiritual in the midst of life happening.

My teaching is that in order to fully experience and express our Divine Nature, we get to embrace our humanity.

From my book; Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create A Life You Love, Page 21 –

You are a spiritual being on a journey to remember Wholeness. You are here with an amazingly full tool box of opportunities, gifts, challenges, and potential. You are here to find joy and love and peace. Who doesn’t want more peace in their lives? Who doesn’t want more light and love and ease in their lives? Who doesn’t want more play and fun and delight?

      And on page 22 – But isn’t our humanity what we are here to embrace? In the embrace of it, we accept it, allow it and integrate it. It’s quite beautiful, actually. When we embrace our humanity, we realize our divinity. For we discover our divinity in the midst of humanity. They are not separate, not mutually exclusive. They are the paradox resolved, the entire spectrum of polarities as one.

In Genesis, when Adam and Eve were created and then expelled from the Garden of Eden, they were given clothing of flesh. It was then that humanity began. Throughout the bible there are stories of awakening, an evolution of consciousness taking us all the way to the book of Revelation, where we get to re-enter Paradise. Not with the innocence of the Garden, but with the experience and growth that takes place through our history and lives.

Paradise, or Awakening, or the Kingdom of Heaven in that much richer because of the experiences of humanity.  But, what are they? Grief, anger, fear, unworthiness, guilt, shame, blame – to name a few.

Why do we need to experience them? Because they are part of our collective consciousness and buried deep within our subconscious. As we begin to accept that they are part of us, as we allow the feelings to surface, we have the capacity to change them. Not to make them go away, but in the processing of, actually transcend the denser emotions to a higher elevated one – like love or compassion.

If we try to get to Divinity by “by-passing” our humanity – we miss the magic, transformational work. What the world needs now is love; true love and transformation. What the world needs now is the transcending of the egoic fear, discrimination, lack and hatred into the Love that Jesus taught.

As we embrace our humanity, process through it we discover a true, deeply embodied divinity. And that’s when the world can change!  Will you join me – first in continuing the journey of “Falling Into Ease” and then as we move into the Holiday Season next month –  in gratitude and thanksgiving, begin again to birth the Christ – this time in the depths of your being, like never before?

We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the ones to put the Truth principles that we know, into deeper practice; integrating them into our Beingness as together we Embody our Divinity!

Biggest Blessings,

Rev. Aliza

About Aliza


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Paradox of Awakening, available on Amazon!

Discover my first book, Falling Into Ease here.

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