I’m inspired by all the ways I’m seeing NEW HUMANITY NOW in the world today!

Photo by Kenrick Mills on Unsplash

I’m inspired…  By so much that I’m seeing and feeling and reading and learning!

As I lean into what this inspiration means to me and my work and the world at large, it occurs to me, I’ve been leaning into, feeling, creating the New Humanity experience for a long time.

I know I’ve said it before, but this time is why I’m here; for this I was created!

It’s new – nothing old can enter the new.

It’s fresh – nothing stale can continue in the new

It’s engaging – nothing rote can energize the new

It’s expansive – nothing constraining will be in the new

I’m hearing this new, feeling this new, engaging this new and I’m alive with possibilities. It occurs to me that when I’m not alive with those very possibilities I speak of, I’m only engaging in the old paradigm. When I’m not enlivened… I’m operating in the old.

It’s quite the paradox and so profoundly true. It’s like surrender – so completely hard until you do it.

In the new – everything is different. From the old, nothing changes.

Here’s some of the things I’m playing in and with – just in case you’d like to dip your consciousness in and play!

Soleira’s Post – Her Love Letter from the Future – Future Fantastic 8/7

Political Hope, with Charles Eisenstien

Revolutionary Love – See No Stranger (book) and Book Club –   On Slack

I am inspired by what is possible. I’m inspired, I hope you are too! If you’d like support in your own inspiration I’m happy to help! Schedule a complimentary call.

New Humanity Now Info ~   Voices For a New Humanity – Video Series

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New Humanity Now – Introduction

We are in unprecedented times. The world is a’ changing and its changing at a rate unseen before.

It’s like being on an old school merry-go-round spinning and spinning and spinning until you can hardly stand up. If you try to see everything the dizzy feeling comes over you like nausea. If you keep your eyes on a single point, even as you spin around and around, there is a stability that holds the dizzy at bay.

If you hang out at the edge, holding onto the bar, leaning out wards you have a very different experience than if you are standing at the center of the merry go round.

But what does this have to do with New Humanity Now?

New Humanity Now is my term for the new that is happening; for the birth of a new species of humanity; for the quantum leap from the separated self to the Universal self. Let me paint a picture:

It is a beautiful day in the not so distant future. The earth is beautiful and brilliant, the colors are so vibrant that they seem to be new shades of what we’ve known in the past. The air has a crisp, aliveness – it’s almost effervescent. The scene is a park type setting. You’re sitting on a bench watching the kids play on the playground area; watching young adults playing with dogs in the wide open grassy area. You also see birds, rabbits, squirrels. You also see groups of people sitting on blankets on the ground or picnic tables with laptops. You know they are solving the problems of the work as they work together.

You stand up and talk a walk, the trees are pulsating, leaves dancing in the gentle breeze. You turn to the global news, just for fun. Today’s headlines are new collaborations and innovations. The headlines spotlight kindness and compassion. The world appears to work for all people, everywhere. There is an interconnectedness that surpasses competition for collaboration. In fact, the competition in the news stories is one of finding solutions, innovative answers in the most creative and unthought of ways.

The energy of the people is one of attunement, excitement, peace and ease. Anything you think of comes to be. Gentle laughter, giggles and belly laughing can be heard across the park. The colors of the flowers are dazzling and brilliant.

As you look at this idyllic scene you wonder – how in the world did we get here from what we were experiencing in 2020 – in only a few short years?

In 2020, the scene was fraught with violence, fear, separation. People were fighting over whether to wear masks to help contain the coronavirus that was sweeping the world. Especially in our country of United States of America there was no agreement on anything at all. At one point we thought that the corona virus would bring us together – but that was not the case at all. 2020 was peppered with virus, pandemic, fires, racism, police brutality, cash shortage, killer hornets and who knows what else! It was a time of great fear, anxiety, people dying alone and afraid.

We were isolated, quarantined and masked when we did go out. But enough of that story – you were there, you know, you saw and you lived in the midst of it.

In the midst of it there was a great awakening, a subtle, profound transformation happening in the lives and consciousness of the people. We were waking up  like never before. Some were having life experiences that they’d only dreamed of. Some were having mystical experiences that changed them forever. Others were working consciously to bring in the new; to be in the new; to be part of the great change.

As with any evolutionary change by definition the old systems have to go to mush. There is chaos before creation. The resistance to change, the interruptions of the old patterns and paradigms are exactly what build the strength for the new. But does it have to be hard? Not at all. It isn’t hard at all when you surrender and allow the natural unfolding.

We are in an evolutionary change – it’s been predicted for 1000s of years or longer. It is the awakening; it is the death of the separated human for the birth of Universal Human. It is the letting go of all that is unlike love and stepping up. It is more than up-leveling though, it is a complete reconstruction of all that is.

There comes a point in the life cycle of any species where it will deconstruct or evolve. Where it will either kill itself off or transform into something new. That’s what’s happening to the species called humanity. It’s a quantum leap into new. We are in it now.

It’s happened to me; it’s happening to my consciousness buddies every day now. Its happening to my clients and students and it is so brilliant. In the new there is no struggle or suffering. It’s as if that all drops away and what emerges is a spacious, peaceful, open, relaxed moment. In that moment -the body, heart, mind, soul, spirit system can take a collective breath and recalibrate. Coherence is found and all the stress of separation leaves the body and the body-chemicals and new neuropathways are created.

It’s what people like me have been preaching and teaching about for decades – the experience of Oneness. The sense of belonging, of being part of something that is so much greater than our individualized being. And in that, comes a soul relaxation, a breath of relief. All is well in the world – no matter what the evidence is.

When we touch the fullness of Oneness, we then discover that it is not the end all place to be but instead a starting point, a jumping off point that becomes the new baseline. From Oneness, we enter into conscious cocreation with the neuronet of consciousness; we discover the next dimension of beingness is Allness.

Allness for me has a very different feeling to it than Oneness. I had been striving for Oneness my entire 20 year career as a spiritual leader. When I land there, it is brilliant; when I began to live there, everything shifted. But when I enter Allness – it’s more. More alive, energetic, electric; more encompassing, further reaching and mind-blowing-ly expansive! The Universe is Allness – and we are but a part of all that is.

It’s a consciousness change, it’s a new dimension of consciousness that is inclusive of all that has been in the past. It’s a worldview change. It changes the very dna of your being and that changes everything.

In Oneness, in Allness – there is no competition; no lack or limitation. There is no me vs we; right or wrong; there is a collective curiosity that lends itself to innovative, creative possibilities. Although there are not words that describe it fully – it’s fresh, new, alive, expansive.

It’s like being power-washed from the inside out. It’s like being turned upside down and discovering that you’ve been seeing the world through a dark colored lens. Instead of seeing all the wrong and bad – you begin naturally to see the brilliance the kindness and compassion – to see the unity and interconnectedness of all life.

In New Humanity Now you discover who you truly are – with no limits – your biggest, boldest, most brilliant becomingness and you begin to see others as their own brilliance too.

How cool is that? How new and fresh and enlivening is that? Come along with us! Join in the fun! You know you want to!

New Humanity Now Info ~   Voices For a New Humanity – Video Series

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Make the most peace-ful choice

What if in any given moment – you choose the most peaceful response?

What is the most peaceful choice you can make in this moment? What brings you the most peace? How can you find a distraction in the chaos of the world or your mind?

This is the year of triggering – I heard recently Panache Desai call this year the Trigger Fest 2020 – I loved it. What else can get triggered? I’ve been thinking about New Humanity and the apparent gap that so many of us seem to be caught in.

Here’s what I notice:

  • When we get caught in I’m right and you’re wrong, we become more attached to our stance than the Truth.
  • When we are polarized in this manner, conversations seem to hit brick walls
  • When, instead we can lay down “stance” and become curious, the system softens
  • When my system (meaning body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, relational with you) softens, I can find peace
  • When I find peace, I become naturally more curious and can truly ask, what do you mean?
  • When I’m curious I can find common ground
  • When I find common ground, I see you for the truth that you are rather than the stand you were
  • When I see you – I realize our ONENESS, which opens my heart
  • When I open my heart, I find love, kindness, compassion
  • When I live in my open-hearted space, I access New Humanity Now
  • When I access New Humanity Now – I become innovative, creative, collaborative for a greater good of the WHOLE!
  • When I’m interested in the Whole, I discover my own wholeness and your wholeness
  • From Wholeness, I can find not only Oneness, but also ALLness and I’ve transcended again.
  • When I know Allness, I am peace.

If you follow this path or your own similar path noticing how you feel along the way, you’ll discover peace and spaciousness and expansion.

Give it a go and let me know how it unfolds for you. If you get stuck along the way – try again; or message me. I’m here in service to Allness!

New Humanity Now Info ~  Voices For a New Humanity – Video Series

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I Am That I Am…

A new look at ancient words.

I am that I am.

A phrase we were studying in a class I teach. Last evening a student mentioned that the Hebrew of this simple statement means:

I am the One who Is;

I am the one who will be;

I am the one I am Becoming.

I love this so much.

I’ve been focusing with my clients and students on the Biggest, Boldest, most Brilliant Becomingness of who you are. Along side of there is nothing broken; nothing wrong nothing to be fixed in you or the world. It creates a dynamic paradox. Can you feel it?

I am who I am and there is nothing wrong with who I am. I am ever evolving into my biggest, boldest most brilliant becomingness. Right now.

Who are you right now? How do you define yourself? Is it through your wounds or the places you think you are broken? Or is it in your brilliance?

Who are you willing to Be? Who are you Becoming? Can you claim it? Can you own it, embrace it and ultimately embody it?

It’s so super simple – and often not easy, especially without the right support and facilitation. If there is something in you that you are ready to let go of – unworthiness, guilt, a pattern that keeps you stuck, would you consider transcending it?

In this same class – there is something we are all striving for and it is readily available right now. Each week we touch it. Some students immediately get it and are transformed. Others fall back into the belief that it takes time. What if it does? What if it doesn’t take any time at all?

Curious? Intrigued? Ready?

We are New Humanity Now – ready for welcome You to the New! Come and join the Open Group.

New Humanity Now Info ~  Voices For a New Humanity – Video Series

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A Revolutionary Love Project

Join a Book Study Club of Valarie Kaur’s new book “See No Stranger – A Memoir and Manifesto of Revolutionary Love

Want to JOIN the Revolution? Here are some options:

  1. Join Aliza’s Book Club
  2. Check out the Global Revolutionary Love Project Website
  3. Get the Book!

It’s time for ACTION – it’s time to consciously co-create the NEW, but we can’t do thata completely until we enter New Humanity Now! Or until we unpack the baggage of our humanity.

Want to know more? Check out New Humanity Now on the website and/or come JOIN the public group.

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Independence Day Weekend 2020

As the US celebrates our July 4th Holiday, I ask are we free?

It’s Independence Day in the US –

We are free – or are we?

It feels more like we’re in a prison of the old – the old systems, the pandemic, the racial inequities, the fighting amongst ourselves.

What if we discovered the Inner Freedom – yet again – what would that look like, feel like, be like?

I reckon – Inner Freedom comes from Unity, Oneness and Allness- not fighting from. Can you drop the fighting today?

Fighting… I’m not fighting, I hear you say.

Really? Take a look around at the world you see? Take a look around inside that beautiful mind of yours. Is there any resistance at all? To anything? Is there any judgement at all? For anyone or anything? Take a look, then look deeper.

We have the incredible opportunity to awaken, to be birthed into a New Humanity Now – but we can’t take resistance, defensiveness, judgement with us. It won’t go and neither will you, until we drop it all.

In the past, I would have suggested doing the process work to unravel and dismantle and dissolve the old hardwired patterns of resistance, judgment and fear. But today – I say – simply drop beneath it into stillness and from stillness allow your Being to be lifted into the NEW. Feel it, expand into it, Become it!

What? How? But… 

Join me there now…   For this moment right now, drop all your resistance and allow your energy and awareness to drop down into your feet and from your feet into the Earth. Feel that? A deep letting go, a relaxation of body, mind and heart.

Then from the core of the earth and the core of your being feel your awareness being lifted – straight up like a beacon. Lift, lift, lift and look up.  See with new eyes, a landscape of the new – a landscape based in love, not fear; in collaboration, not competition; in innovation and beauty; in kindness and compassion. Become that!

Lift it again and again and again; the gift it to the Universe. Give it away. Feel the expansive, opening in the gifting. Then it comes back, from the wave out to the particles returning to bless you. Feel the sparkles, the glitter, the electrified particles moving in and through your being. Feel it. Receive it. What is it? Freedom? Inspiration? Love?

Let this energy frequency be our Freedom and our independence which is really inter-dependence. I see a new world coming. I see it now. I claim it and co-create it and design a world that works for all in New Humanity Now

Today, this weekend, let’s do this over and over again – sending, beaming, expanding, gifting LOVE to the planet, to our country to all people now and forever more! Will you join us?

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There’s Still Time

And the time is now… It’s time for your Brilliant Becoming

There’s still time…

Do you long for a space to be really seen? To be witnessed -not so much in your wounding – but in your Brilliant Becoming?

Are you tired of the news, and all the drama trauma in the world? Would you like to be part of the SOLUTION?

Is your spiritual practice needing an uplift? Is there an impulse or intrigue in you about what and who we will be as we come through the current breakdown into Breakthrough?

I see you! I see brilliance in the birthing that the world is in.
No, I’m not burying my head or practicing spiritual bypassing. But there’s more – it’s quantum – it’s New Humanity – it’s a shift in consciosness and it’s so freaking fun!

In the Quantum Burst Inner Circle – We access the LIGHT and the power. It’s expansiveexhilarating and so empowering! It’s the deep work and its filled with sparkles!

The Quantum Burst Inner Circle is starting again next week! It’s three months of weekly Quantum Bursting – for the biggest, boldest, most brilliant Becomingness!
There’s magic in the circle – there’s power in the Quantum. There are amazing things we are seeing in New Humanity Now!
It’s a sacred container, small group circle of transformation and transcendence. Curious – Intrigued – Impulse? Message me and we can chat about it!
Here’s a short 10 minute video I did on the One Way to Ease Your Path – that’s community!

I’d love to hear your comments! I’d love to chat with you about what’s up for you. I’d love to have you join the Quantum Burst Inner Circle – Register Here!

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What we are moving through…

A short poetic writing of the times.

What we are moving through

The peace that we seek is within us.

The ease that we yearn for is within us

The quantum, next level, miraculous world is just a breath away.

So, why is it so hard?

Only because we resist it – only because collectively there are still repressed emotions in our subconscious.

Only because we think we know something and therefore we are attached to it.

Can you let go? Can you allow? Can you accept?

Drop it all and find the stillpoint

Drop the thought by allowing it

Drop the emotion by feeling it

Drop beneath the noise and find yourSelf

The awakening process arises from the place of peace.

Whereby then the old attachments begin to drop away.

Old beliefs dismantle

Old emotional patterns dissolve

And you find a deeper space of allowing.

A womb

Birthing of the new arises

New humanity now –

Kindness, compassion, love, expansion, innovation

Creativity, beauty, freshness

Find it – quicken it – lift it – Become it!




It’s new, its aligned, its coherent.

What we are moving through is a birth canal to the New

Feel it. Allow it. Become it.

New Humanity Now!

I’d love your comments! How does this resonate with you? Come learn more about New Humanity Now and Join the Open FB Group

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Can We All Agree…

At least on this one thing?

There is so much animosity in the world today. A person can hardly say anything at all without someone else interjecting or countradicting the statement.

It’s about crazy making!

However, I do believe we can all agree on this:

We all want a better future!

Right? Don’t you? We may disagree even on what that means, but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want that!

Last week I wrote a blog called Beyond Meditation – and I was so inspired that I decided on the spot to offer a

FREE Quantum Burst Experience –

So you can see and experience exactly for yourself what I’m talking about.

This Thursday – June 18, 11 am Central Time Zone

It’s completely FREE – but you do have to register. Register HERE!

By the way – if you are already a member in New Humanity Now – you are already registered! If you are Click Here to learn more.
Hope to see you (on Thursday, June 18, at 11 am CT)

New Humanity Now Info ~  Voices For a New Humanity – Videos

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Beyond Meditation

The Power that comes by activating the Quantum New Humanity Now!

Today, as I was meditating with Panache Desai, I was finally able to put some words on the experience I have with the New Humanity Now and meditation.

For over 35 years, I’ve been a daily meditator, most of those years, I’ve been leading and facilitating meditation in many formats. Recently, as in the last six months or more – something’s changed for me.

For over 35 years, I’ve been a daily meditator, most of those years, I’ve been leading and facilitating meditation in many formats. Recently, as in the last six months or more – something’s changed for me.

Let’s see if I can put it into words that might make sense to your heart as well.

Meditation, historically for me is about entering the void, about dropping beneath the mind and emotions to the point of stillness. From there, I often experience an expansiveness, sometimes a journey, sometimes basking in the openness.

It’s in this place that Dr. Joe Dispenza calls the void, the freedom point. Where everything comes into coherence. Using HeartMath science, when the body relaxes into coherence our heart rates stabilize, blood pressure stabilize, stress hormones drop and feel good hormones activate. In this space of coherence, the body can heal. In this space of coherence, we can unhook from the subconscious addictions to guilt, shame, fear, anxiety and all the beliefs like unworthiness and not being good enough.

Each and every time we land in coherence, our body, mind, heart, soul, spirit system relaxes in ways that promotes healing and the experience of wholeness on all levels. There’s a sense of being centered and anchored and free at the same time. Free from the burdens of the mind and emotion, free from the noise of the world and universe. Free to Be.

It’s quite brilliant and a wonderful way to live!

On another level, it’s also only the beginning. It’s the starting gate, its base level of being. From that point of coherence, we can also land in the power point of stillness – more than silent, different than quiet, although our minds and emotions are quiet there. From the point of stillness, when we line up with that which is greater than us – there’s a power force.

I like to use the term –  our biggest, boldest most brilliant becomingness – when we line up with that – there is a whoosh of power that surges through us. It’s that power that is new for me. It’s that power that surges in and through me but also as me that lifts me into the New Humanity Now. Using the Quantum Burst of alignment, everything changes.

When I access this point of activation the meditation and my entire spiritual practice becomes the basis for a much more powerful, activated, engaged, movement to the co-creation of a future – that is now.

I realize that was a lot of words and it might not make much sense logically – but go back and read that paragraph again with your energy field. With an openness to feeling the words rather than reading them.

Can you feel that? Can you feel how the New Humanity, the New Quantum is not passive, but truly filled with unlimited potential and infinite possibilities and the power to activate your brilliance? There’s an empowered action in this field.

It’s not personal, it’s quantum. It’s not about my ego or personality desires – it’s much bigger than that! It’s the quantum collective of the New Humanity Now! Then the super power is to join up with others who are doing the same thing.

For me, in my groups – both the ones I participate in and the ones I lead – this is the most juicy, delicious, surprising experience.  Feel this –  take a moment to land in the space of your deepest meditation, then line up with your biggest boldest becomingness. Feel the whoosh.  Like the blast just before the rocket ship takes off – the building of the fuel source. Then lift off – feel the lifting, up and up. Feel the lining up of a greater something.  It’s an energy building. It’s new.  Then consciously line up with Me, and the group – or a collective of souls doing the big work. Super easy in a group container – it’s like we click in and exponentially expand the powers.

To super power the super powers, we lift the energy vibrations and we gift it to the Universe. Just gift your most brilliant becomingness to the world. Give it away – freely without even knowing what it looks like. Just give it away.

What seems to happen is a whoosh of the giving creates a mushroom cloud of good that then transcends into a billion droplets, sparkles, diamond crystal particles that comes right back around and rains down on you, all the good the brilliance, the love, the joy – whatever that is good and wonderful. As you open it permeates, penetrates and fills the very inner spaces of your being like electrifying your cells.  Feel the sparkle, feel the electricity with your being.

Feel the power. Feel the alignment. Feel the activity of the quantum bursting in and through you.

This is my experience and it might be close to yours, or yours might be completely different. Let’s talk about it!

I’m offering a completely FREE Quantum Burst Experience on Thursday, June 18, 11 am CT –

FREE – but you have to register! 

Why would you come?  Well, really – why wouldn’t you?!

  • Experience the depth and power of the Quantum
  • Activate magic and miracles
  • Move from passive meditation to empowered, power-filled actions

Step into a new way of Being – that transcends the old world and allows for Your Brilliance to shine through so you can…   experience Wholeness, find forgiveness, be a positive force for a greater good that then opens you to find the love you want, make the money you desire, fulfill the purpose that has been elusive and Be the Impact for Good – all through Being your most Brilliant Becomingness!

Other than that…  Oh, just come and try it!

Register Here to reserve your spot in this free event!

New Humanity Now Info ~  Voices For a New Humanity – Videos

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