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What do you do when someone points something out to you that you haven’t been aware of?

I had a friend do that yesterday and I was a bit blind-sided by her comment.

What is your reaction so far? Are you resistant? Do you feel anxiety reading this? Do you feel your hackles raising, your defenses rising?

How do you take people telling you what they see?

Just make a notice of your anticipation.

Now to my experience. My friend and I were talking about so many things. Then out of the blue she said, “You’re content.” I’m what? It took me a few moments to actually hear her.

She went on to point out how at peace and in ease I’m living my life right now.  And she pointed out how even a few years ago, that was not my experience.

Hmmm, curious and so true. I loved that she pointed this out. And I was all ready for some growth opportunity or another place to look and heal a shadow.

I pulled a card on my facebook today and I want to share it with you.

It’s an observation about you. Are you ready?

You are Awesome. 

Let it in. Accept this as a truth. Open to the possibility that I can see something in you that you might not be seeing right now.

This card is pulled from Kris Carr’s Crazy, Sexy Love Notes deck.

Your greatest relationship is the one you have with yourself. Build it. Strengthen it. Prayer yourself. Share what makes you proud.
Your beaming delight will help others shift from a glass-half-empty-thinking to “Heck, I’m pretty awesome too!”

I decided to take the notice from my friend and the message from this card to heart. I’m pretty awesome and not only that, I’m content. How about you?

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In-Joy and With Ease,


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