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Black Friday – Special! |

It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving and I know many people who are out early this morning shopping. Not me! I’m not a shopper anyway and I don’t really like crowds. So, I’m home with the family. Some are sleeping in and I’m taking a few moments in the early quiet to do my daily blog. This is day #18 of 30 in my challenge.

In a bit the kids will come over they are staying around the corner in our second unit in our Retirement park. Rob’s daughter, Dusti, her husband, Hunter and their two daughters, Eliot and Parker. We will make pancakes, take a quiet day and most likely spend a few hours at the pool.

I do love my quiet days with very little plans, no to-do’s and good times.

Meanwhile, since it is black Friday – I wanted to join in the internet frenzy with a quiet special of my own. First before I mention what it is – you can scroll down, I wanted to introduce you to a few of my clients, and the miracles they are experiencing.

One client came to me desperate; she was entangled in a few relationships that had her strangled and suffocating. She was doing her absolute best to manage and yes, even control everyone and everything, but with no success. When she arrived she was at her wits end. She was tied up with stress to her eyeballs. Within a few sessions, she was beginning to energetically untangle her enmeshments and begin to find herself in her life. She was able with the disentanglement to step back and set better boundaries. She very quickly experienced a dramatic shift from arguing and yelling that led to tears and hurt feelings to one of being sure of herself, of speaking rationally and getting dramatically different results. Her relationships are continuing to get happier and healthier as she gets clearer and cleaner.

One client came to me struggling with the same pattern again and again. He found himself betrayed and abandoned and it had blind sided him. He could hardly breath, much less get up in the mornings. He was angry, bitter and really sad. Within the first session this client was able to land in place of peace within his heart. He was able to begin to breathe again. Within a couple of sessions he was finding love within himself and the world. In a few months, he was even experiencing forgiveness towards toe one who hurt him. Now, he is living life fully, enjoying every day and every moment again. He found himself and found a deeper part of himself. He’s happier than ever before.

Another client came with little hope of experience relief. She had tried everything that had come along in spiritual healing, techniques and practices. She had a deep seated wound that she carried around like a badge and nothing had been able to help her with it. Yet, she was willing to try one more thing. This worked. Within a session she realized that the life-long wound was gone. It was gone from her experience – in a very deep way. She could remember the pattern and even when she thought I should be reacting this way, it wasn’t there. She was freed in a way that impacted her entire life. With time, a few months she was expressing and experiencing things she had only imagined before. It was such a deep change that she hardly remembers the old way that had her for 50 years.

The work that I offer is completely individualized. You might see results like these, or more likely you will have something else. The work identifies a pattern that has kept you hostage for years, works it loose, removes it and replaces it with a new version. It’s like a system upgrade on your computer. Upgrading from DOS to Windows, then up to Windows 10.

  • If you are Stuck in a rut in your life;
  • Hitting ceilings in your relationships; or
  • Repeating unhealthy patterns in your life –

You are qualified! I offer a

I offer a 90 day deep dive experience where you will open up to restoring and revitalizing old patterns and limitations into new and fresh ways of living.

If this sounds like YOU – message me and we can get on the phone to chat!

I have Two Specials Today!

The Falling Into Ease BreakThrough Mastermind Program begins in early January and I’m offering an Early Bird discount if you register before December 20.  January 2017 pricing is $250/month – Register Now and get in for only $200/month! Schedule a Free Discovery Call to see if this is a fit for you!

Or – if you only want to get through the Holidays- I’m offering a Black Friday Flash Sale (never before offered) It is a three session package for only $375 – (Value $525).

Either way- NOW is the Time to get your Breakthrough – end 2016 on the right vibration and kick off 2017 with an intention for more purpose, passion, connection and more!

In-Joy and With Ease,


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