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Birthing to a New Humanity |

It’s Christmas time – the time of the year when we focus on the Birth – re-birth of the Christ potential within each of us.

But something new is happening this year – it’s like the BIRTH of a New Humanity!

The magic of the quantum field; the mystery of true creation; the mystical of the NEW is happening right here and right now!

This year – let the ritual of Christmas, aligned with the thin veils of the Solstice awaken in you a new-ness. It’s as if we are moving into a new dimension of god-realization; the becoming-ness is happening anew.

Here’s a quick process to try: Take a few moments to center yourself; align with what is wanting to be Birthed in you now. Feel the quickening and potential. Allow for anything to show up – perhaps it’s space, or familiar; but it might be totally new!

That’s what I keep experiencing – totally new!

Want to join along? Check out the new Quantum Burst Club – starting in January.

Here’s to NEW! Let the Birth begin!

Biggest Blessings,

Rev. Aliza

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