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Awakening the Priestess Essence |

A six-part psycho-spiritual empowerment process for awakening the divine power of the feminine.  The Priestess Process™

Nicole Christine

We will be meeting Friday evening 7-10 and all day Saturday 9 -6.  Depending on the exact location, sleep-overs may be possible.

Overview of the Series.

This 9 month process comes through the lineage of Nicole Christine, author of Under Her Wings; the Making of a Magdalene and Temple of the Living Earth.

The Priestess Process™  fully awakens, enlivens and integrates a woman’s inner priestess to her own unique Sacred Work.

Now, at the turning of the ages, when the Divine Feminine is returning to the planet, women are called to participate in the healing of ourselves and our planet at the highest levels.  Priestess Circles empower women to walk in the underworld of their own fears, to gain power, playful passion, magnetism and the ability to manifest their own heart’s deepest desires.

Awakening Priestesses learn to walk the feminine path of self-care, inner wisdom, inner beauty and Sacred Sexuality.

Each women will align with her own inner spiritual authority to discover the ancient and future wisdom that are relevant to her own soul’s calling.

Six Weekends (over 9 months)

Weekend #1 ~ February 26-27, 2016 ~ Special Introductory Weekend designed to allow women to experience the Priestess Process before commitment to the nine month journey.  We explore the ancient future roles of the priestess as wisdom keepers for the Sacred Presence here on Earth.

  • Orientation to the overall process and explanation of what it means to be a Priestess in these times
  • Explore the teachings of the As Above, So Below mysteries
  • Call in our priestess within as a chalice for your own spiritual authority
  • Explore the Myths & Stories of the Divine Feminine
  • Discover your own unique priestess expression through music, movement, journaling, art and sharing
  • Re-Activate and break the silence of our Inner Maiden, share stories of our moon mysteries
  • Lay the foundation for “Living Ceremony”

Weekend #2 April 1-2, 2016~ Initiation and Embracing our Shadow

  • Co-Creating a Living Ceremony of Foot-washing
  • Transform the “shadow” between women into the light of compassionate truth
  • Create a “shadow ritual” to honor the essence qualities we are returning to ourselves
  • Initiation – stepping into the commitment to Self and the Circle

Weekend #3 ~ May 20-21, 2016 ~ Telling Our Stories

  • We gather in Sacred Circle as we share the stories of our individual spiritual journeys
  • Celebrate!

Weekend #4 ~ July 15-16, 2016 ~ Archetypes and the Sacred Marriage

  • Connect with your inner feminine and masculine archetypes and to understand your life purpose
  • Discover your soul’s intention and unique expression
  • Music, movement and co-creation of the Sacred Inner-Marriage Ceremony

Weekend #5 ~ September 16-17, 2016, Death and Rebirth

  • Shamanic Death Journey – Dancing into the Fires
  • Co-creation of our conscious Rebirth rituals
  • Call forth a vision of the New Awakened Priestess Within and her highest destiny, and c0-creatively rebirth into her homo-luminous self

Weekend #6 ~ November 11-12, 2016 ~ Integration and Emergence

  • Integrating and remembering our 9 month process
  • Embodiment of the Awakening Priestess Essence
  • Emergence Ceremony

Additional Circle Suggestions:

  • Private sessions are recommended for both the beginning and end of the process and during, if requested (additional fee)
  • Participants are encouraged to dress as simply or elaborately as they individually desire for sessions and ceremonies
  • Transitional Gatherings (an evening or day event) with a specific theme is held between each session.  These transitional meeting are on your own with your circle.  The purpose of the transitional gathering is to:
    • Facilitate the bonding of each priestess circle
    • Continue the work between group sessions and
    • Encourage the priestesses to continue their sacred work together during the process and after emergence.

Investment / Tuition:  $222/month for 9 months.   Circle size is limited.  This amount is based on a minimum of 9 participants.  A full financial commitment to the entire series is required after the Introductory Weekend.  It is necessary to pay each month, even if you are absent from any session.    $222 first month’s payment/deposit is required to hold your spot.

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Introductory Weekend as a stand alone tuition is:  $333.  (Applicable to the full tuition commitment).   If you want to register for this stand alone weekend, click through here:    

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About Your Priestess Process™ Facilitator

Aliza Bloom Robinson, High Priestess Ka’Aliza Magdalena of the Celestial Earth Lineage is committed to the work of integrating Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and bringing the experience of Heaven on Earth.  She works with individuals and groups, creating safe space for exploration and transformation, calling forth the true essence of women into their own glory. Her signature SHIFT process is internationally recognized as a way to dissolve life-long patterns and break through inner glass ceilings, creating the pathway to live the life of your dreams!

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