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Argue for Your Limitations and You Will Be Right |

Argue for your limitations and you will be right.

I found myself arguing with Spirit this morning. I had stumbled upon another layer of belief structure in which I’ve been operating. It appeared to me as something that was being called to be dismantled and dissolved because it was in fact, holding me back from my greatest truth and expression.

I’m deep immersed in a 40-day spiritual healing protocol and one aspect of it is, frequent realizations of a belief I’ve held, a judgement I’m attached to or other false evidence appearing real. Some have been great releases with huge emotional impact. Others have gently slipped away almost without notice.

But this one today, caught me by surprise. It flummoxed me, flabbergasted me that it took concentrated effort to let it go. That appears to be an oxymoron. Effort to let go. Yep. In fact, spoken in that simple term, you might relate.

This belief that jumped into my awareness, as I unpacked it and began the process of unraveling it all the way to its inception and origination, confused me. I argued for it. I struggled to understand that I had understood it wrong. I was thrown off by the need to let it go. Yet, I was being called and asked to let it go so that something better, more Truth filled could replace it.

And so I let go of my need to figure it out. I relinquished my need to know what would replace it and how exactly it would work in my life. I surrendered into Spirit once again. It was as if I took a free fall  choosing to continue my journey and trust; and was caught in a beautiful place of peace. My shoulders relaxed, a smile came to my face and I took a deep breath in and out again. I fell into a complete sense of well-being.

Oh, that was easy! Only once it was. I, once more, am transformed by the renewing of my mind, by the release of old belief patterns that no longer serve me. I have no clue what might replace the belief I released, perhaps nothing at all. I have no need, (at least today) to figure it out, Instead, I bask in expansion, I soar in freedom and I bow in gratitude for this journey I’m on, for this life I live.

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