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Are you Willing to Serve Creation? |

In 2010, I heard the words: Are you willing to serve Creation? 

Although it appeared to be a simple question and my answer was an automatic YES, little did I realize how my life would change.

The very next statement I heard was: Then you will be asked to surrender everything!  Again, I thought that would be ok, but little did I know what it entailed.

Over the course of the next few months, I began to discover the meaning of surrender. I let go of my job, my career; my relationship, my home and that was ony the begininng. I then let go of emotion – anger, fear, guilt, shame, blame to name a few. Then the hard part began, the dissolution and dismantling of my belief system and structure.

To make a long story short, I was emptied, cleaned and turned inside out and then a rebuilding began. The rebuilding came with new beliefs, a fresh perspective on Spirit and my purpose in life.

That purpose is Awakening! I stand for the Awakening of the planet! The awakening from sleep to Aliveness; from unworthiness to worth and value; from the focus on all that does not work, to a life that works for All. The awakening and realization of your deepest Essence; your most authentic Beingness which leads to clarity and confidence in purpose, passion and connection.

Love is the way, but everything unlike Love has to go, it has to be dismantled and transcended. I was given a signature system that quickly, easily, gently releases life-long limiting patterns, shatters invlsible glass ceilings and frees the soul to Become all it is here to Be!  This is part of the work of Awakening.

The other part is to realize your hidden gifts, passions purposes and bring those to the world in a way that supports financial freedom, contribution and your Soul with balance for your entire life.

Awaken – A 12-Week Journey  is beginning next week. It is a structured support of Awakening!  Each week we will explore and experience a different spiritual principle that will aid in your ever evolving spiritual journey.  Each week you will be be supported in clearing the old and activating the new.

If you’ve been feeling a little stuck in your progress, this is perfect!

If you’ve been yearning for something, even if you don’t know what it is – this will be perfect for you!

If you’ve been knowing there is more for you… this could be the perfect next step!

Here’s what a client said recently –

“I’m so mellow, so relaxed and yet on fire with possibilities. It’s like the urgency was replaced with a knowing that has allowed me to be calm in my actions.” 

I hope you will join me and if you are considering it – let’s chat!   This entry was posted in Awakening, Spiritual practice. Bookmark the permalink.