AMC Themes

Awaken Mastery Circle Themes and Breakthrough Promises

 Archived Themes – Each with a Training Module and a Process Module

Would It Be Alright If Life Got Easier?

Do you struggle with stress or overwhelm? Do you ever wonder why life seems so hard?
Where do you feel out of balance in your life?
Breakthrough Promise – You will be provided a tool to discover the exact thing you can do to eliminate excess stress and open the way for greater ease!

Connecting through Heart Meditation

Does your mind ever spin? Do you get in a mental loop of worry, anxiety or running the to do list over and over? There is great power in shifting from a mental/mind based thinking to a heart based living. Discover the power of a heart centered meditation process, learn the science behind the technique and receive the exact tools to enter the heart space.

Breakthrough Promise – You will experience the power of being in your deeper, wiser spiritual heart and learn techniques to get there faster and remain there longer, so you can experience ease in stress; clarity in overwhelm and receive messages from your higher power.

The Power of Acceptance

Do you fight with the reality of what is? Do you spend hours wishing things were different?
In this module we will take a look at how the spiritual practice of Acceptance is powerful and can change your life experience in an instant. We will explore the cost of non-acceptance and how it becomes resistance to the very life force you desire and show you how to move into acceptance without becoming a doormat or become a spineless person, but instead it brings empowerment.
It doesn’t mean people and life doesn’t get to walk all over you, but instead you end up empowered.

Breakthrough promise – You will see how Acceptance of what is can empower you into action.

 Upcoming and Future Possible Themes

Business of Being You

Do you ever look outside yourself to fit in? Do you ever wonder what others think you should be thinking or doing?
Discover and experience the power of Being YOU – authentically you, as we take another layer of emerging your Authentic Essence so you can be more real, seen more fully.
Breakthrough Promise – You will receive and practice the key to releasing excess stress and experiencing a greater ease in any moment so you can… have clarity and take authentic action in moving into the life of your dreams.


Triple As and Triple Cs

Have you practiced the Law of Attraction and ever wondered why it doesn’t always work?
Does it seem the more you strive for that one thing the more elusive it becomes? In this module we discover what the law of attraction doesn’t tell you and give you the missing piece of spiritual technology.
Breakthrough Promise – With this missing piece you will be able to align your thoughts and frequency in a more effect way so you can have the love you desire; bring your purpose to the world in a more impactful way and finally make that money you long to make!

Useless and Unnecessary Suffering

One of my teachers used to say: The world is full of suffering. Our job is to separate out the useless and unnecessary suffering. This is the suffering that does not serve our growth, and is mostly created by ourselves.
Breakthrough Promise – you will learn and experience a technique to open your heart; live in and from your heart so you can dissolve struggle and eliminate unnecessary suffering.


Creating Space

Clutter creates chaos. Clutter in your space, in your life, and in your mind can prevent clarity and stop the flow of energy. Most of us know the power of clearing space, but do you know about creating space?
In this module we explore the places we have clutter – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – so that we gain clarity and access a clear flow of energy and vibration. We will explore a technique for not only clearing, but for creating space within any given moment.
Breakthrough promise – you will learn and experience how the power of creating space can change perspective, vibration and energy.


Seeing and Believing

Do you like what you see in your world? In this module we will explore the relationship to what we see to what we believe, giving the tools and practices to consciously re-create and co-create your life.
Breakthrough Promise – you will discover something you are believing that isn’t serving your new vision and dismantle it, creating space to choose a new belief and ultimately a new outcome.


A Look at Fear

Irritation, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, depression…
These are all functions of fear and contraction. What would your day be like if you could drop these and others like a hot potato?
Breakthrough Promise – You will be given a process that dismantles fear and gives the option to use it to propel your forward or dissolve it to clear the way to action.


The ONE Thing

In times of overwhelm, feeling stuck or lost, even there is one thing that can move you forward…
In times of grief, or emotional charge, there is one thing that can support you…
In time when the balls you are spinning are getting out of control and you don’t know how to get it all done, or what to do next… there is one thing…
In this module we dive into the science of “The One Thing” and how that principle can propel you into authentic, clear and productive action.
Breakthrough Promise – You will receive a technology for identifying that one thing and using it to shift out of stress and into success so you can Be Productive, Have more free time, and enjoy the life you are creating.


Greater Purpose

Why do we go through the things we go through? Why are the challenges we face continually there?
Discovering the deeper Why, your Greater purpose will become a bridge through the valleys.
Breakthrough Promise – You will discover your bigger why and develop a plan for using that as a bridge from where you are to where you want to be so you can… through alignment step into your soul purpose with clarity and ease and bring it into the world in ways that make a bigger impact; more money and greater fulfillment.


It’s Your Life

Are you living the life you’d love? If not now, when will you step into it?
Release the vestiges of what other’s think in order to step fully into a new you. Processes this module include embracing and embodying your soul’s essence on a daily basis.
Breakthrough Promise – We will have a process and ceremony to embrace and embody the truth of who you are becoming in a way that will support.


Putting It All Together and What’s Next?

Sometimes you have to let go of the good in order to receive the better.
This module we look at all the ways we’ve had breakthroughs and what’s next.
An overview and review of the themes, practices and tools we have been using to take charge of our lives, fully and consciously.
Breakthrough Promise – You will identify and celebrate the breakthroughs you have had, whether you’ve been with us a year or are just beginning. You will be able to see how far you’ve come and what the exact next steps are for you to continue to release stress and experience greater success; fulfill your grand purpose with greater impact and financial abundance; find clarity in overwhelm and live peace in chaos.