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Amazing, Ahh-mazing |

“Amazing, Ahhh-mazing, you will do amazing things.  Love your life, love your dreams.”   These beautiful resonate words are lyrics to the song, “Amazing Thing” written by Megon McDonough and Jana Stanfield.

I was with Megon when the song was first written, even before it was produced as a recording.  She sang it as a prayer, both as an affirmation but even more so as in awe of the words.  It was as if she was receiving a direct message from God to her soul and her soul was remembering.  Watching and experiencing her brought tears to my eyes, it was so beautiful and profound.

This morning, sitting in my sunroom, watching the sun gently rise above the earth, shining and shimmering on the beautiful view of the lake, I received a whisper.  It was quiet and almost snuck into my awareness.  It came, not from outside of me, but from the core of my being.

Very gentle, very beautiful, the whisper became a vibration, still in the depths of my being.  As the vibration became stronger, resonance appeared.  I felt it, I knew it once again in my heart and soul.

What was the most amazing thing in this experience is that I’d been feeling anything but that for a few weeks.  Sort of insignificant, not much to offer or give, fairly quiet and a bit dried up inside.  I’ve gone through a period of physical un-well-ness and although my life is incredibly blessed, I wasn’t really appreciating it much.

Then the message oh so gently reminded my heart and soul to overtake the mind of separation and I remembered again.

I am amazing and I will do amazing things.  Life is amazing – in its beauty and glory and struggle and challenges.  I am blessed beyond measure and you are too, if only you will take the time to remember.

I’d like to offer you this song by Megon McDonough.  Perhaps you too might remember, You Are Amazing.     Amazing Things, by Megon McDonough

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