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After the Moon |

What an amazing event we had this past week.  The blood moon, the lunar eclipse, the super moon and any number of other titles for the events.  We had the opportunity to sit outside on our deck and watch the events as they were happening.  It was unlike anything else I’d ever seen before and it grabbed my attention in a very deep and profound manner.

I’m aware of the moon to a degree, I don’t monitor it, but I feel it.  It often makes me a bit crazy when it is full.  I have a tendency to get a bit more emotional, and reactive to life.  This time, in this window of alignment, I felt something new happening.

There are those to study the stars and planets and they are saying things like this is another opportunity another gateway to the new from the old.  There is so much information out there about the particulars of why and when and how we are being catapulted to the new dimensions.

One article I read talked about how some of us who are living in the 5th dimension were welcomed into the 9th dimension during this time period.  It’s all quite fascinating to me, but I don’t study it.

What seems to have been happening for me, however is that I’m being thrown around a bit.  I can be steady, centered, living in my heart and walking through life with peace and ease and grace.  Then in less than a moment’s notice, I’m reactive, moody, unhappy and feeling lost once more.  It’s like being spiritually bipolar.  Weird.

Since the moon event last Sunday, I’m easier in my skin.  I have a deeper sense of peace and inner strength. I noticed that I’m not reacting, I’m not even trying to be in my heart or to respond with love – its’ simply there now, in a new and very different way.

It’s hard to explain, but it feels different in my skin and in my being.  I don’t think anything on the outside has changed at all, in fact some are painfully the same, but I’m different.  I have gone through yet another gateway.

As the moon rose, it was fuller and brighter than I remember it ever being.  As the eclipse began to cover the moon it was as if the old was dissolving.  (My work has been so much about breakthrough and now it is shifting to a gentler dissolving process.)  During the hour or so of the blood-red moon, we sat outside and simply basked.  We did a moon-bath.  Nothing was happening except quiet.  And stillness.  At one point my husband went inside for a shower and I began to honor and dance with the moon itself.  It felt whole and complete.  It felt welcoming and dismissing at the same time.

Then the light began to return to the moon, for us it towards the bottom.  It was so fabulous to watch, to witness the return of the light.  A light that was brighter yet, to a moon that hadn’t changed.  How about you?  Did you feel the light returning to the places in your heart and soul that have been covered up, eclipsed by darkness?  Perhaps the darkness even has had a red tint to it, making it scary or frightening.  What if this eclipse took all of that darkness, the veils and removed them?

What if, that is all you have to do.  Now, simply reflect the light that is always and already inside of you, out to the world and that there is nothing in your way.  There is nothing between you and your Light; between your light and the world.

Arise again.  Feel the power of the moon dance.  Gaze at some of the many photos of the event, but do it from a place of this is happening within you.  Explore and dance with the energies that were released on that night.

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