Activating the Miraculous

A Four Part Video Course

Quantum Bursting Possibility in your Life and the World!

Photo by Anna Gru on Unsplash

In this crazy world –
In all of the unknown 
In the dance between conscious choice and fear driven reactions –
In the midst of life…

Are You… struggling to stay positive?

Do you… get stuck in what’s going on in the world?

Can you… imagine getting through on the other side, knowing it’s going to be – not only OK – but wonderful?

But then... you slip and slide and wonder how in the world we (and those you love) are going to get through it?

If so – you are not alone!


What Else is Possible???

What if …  Wholeness, miraculous outcomes, the power of possibilities is not only possible but We Can Call It Forth by ACTIVATING the MIRACULOUS?

I stand for living your biggest, bestest life (yes – even in quarantine and social distancing) that is within you wanting, waiting, seeking to BURST out!

I stand for living abundant, exciting lives; making massive difference in the world!

It’s what I’m up to – want to join in?

What We’ll Be Doing – Learning – Practicing – Bursting – Zinging

  • Staying out of fear – and related emotions like anxiety, fretting, slipping into overwhelm etc.
  • Staying in the field of Possibilities
  • Powering Up the Possibilities in the infinite field
  • Activating the Virus of LOVE and Wholeness
  • Creating a widespread case of Inspiration
  • Developing a deeper awareness of a New Humanity

For Your Self – Your Body – Your Life and the World!

The Details – Four Weeks

  • A New Video Each Week
  • Membership in the Powering Up Possibilities Facebook Group


  • Complimentary 30 Minute Call with Aliza.

I look forward to seeing you inside the course and to witnessing your Miraculous Outcomes!

Much love,

Aliza Bloom Robinson