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Standing at the base of the Kachina Woman in Sedona, AZ,kachina-woman-300x169-7127851 I was activated at a cellular level. My arms and head were vibrating, tears were streaming down my face and I was laughing all at one.

This woman, this vortex of the divine feminine was speaking to me once again. It had been years since I stood in this very place, and I remembered it anew.

We had been four days in Sedona and the Kachina Woman vortex was where I knew I needed to be. We finally got there on our way out of town on the last day. A few days earlier the Madonna at the Chapel of the Holy Cross jumped off the wall and into my heart.

We had been to each of the four vortexes and the Stupa, each place had it’s own energy, frequency and vibration; each one activating me in different ways.

At the Airport Mesa, which is a masculine energy vortex, I was activated, pushed even. While it was beautiful and the energies were strong, I’m not drawn to return there.

At Bell Rock, I felt a spaciousness, a Oneness with all that Is. The energy while still activational, for me, was quiet and soft. My heart softened, my body relaxed and I experienced a quiet in my soul that was refreshing and renewing.

Cathedral Rock was a similar, I wanted to sit and be still rather than push on up the trail. We were here at dusk and it was delightful.

But the Kachina Woman – she rocked my soul. She called to me and I answered. In me was reawakened a vitality in being all I’m here to be. kachina-and-me-169x300-1656825Reawakened in me, was my desire and need, really for magic, mystery and miracles. I’ve been playing with returning to my Goddess work, returning to my lineage of being a High Priestess in the Magdalene Mysteries. Its been there for a number of months, but Kachina Woman brought it all together.

Kachina Woman stands for the expression of all that is feminine within me. Not opposed to the masculine, but empowered in and with. She is the expression of my Divinity, fully embodied in my feminine presence.

Done am I with pushing and pulling; trading in the effort for a deeper grace that lies within me. Done am I with hiding my woo-woo self for what I think others think I should be. Done am I with holding back or shrinking into the sidelines.

I noticed my tendencies already, to not rock the boat; to fit into my family; to not speak when I really want to speak. I also noticed already, my willingness to embody my feminine movements, to dance more freely, to use my body more consciously. To Be bolder, without being pushy.

It’s a divine dance and I’m coming to the floor ready to release that which no longer serves me in order to more fully serve humanity.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve had a coming out party, but here’s to another one. Here’s to the importance of taking time to refresh, renew and re-ignite the passions within.  I’m so grateful I have the opportunities and the awareness to listen and act upon my inner impulse!

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In-Joy and with Ease,

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