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Did you know that the Law of Gratitude is physics just like the Law of Gravity?

Are you grateful?  Do you do a gratitude check during the day or write a gratitude list at night?  We all know that gratitude is a good thing and it keeps us happier and healthier.  Did you ever wonder why?

Gratitude is one of the vibrational energies that is closest to Source.   When we are in gratitude, we vibrate at a high level, that brings us closer to harmony with the creative energies of the universe.

Gratitude changes our body chemistry and our general feeling.  Think about something that worries you for a moment.  Notice what it does to your body?  Notice how you feel when you are worrying.  If you can’t find worry, look for discontent or frustration.  Feel how it makes your body heavier, like the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

Now shift and become grateful.  Not just with your words, but let it activate through your body.  Become gratitude embodied.  It might take a few moments, but sit with the intention to become first grateful then become gratitude.  For me, my body sits up straighter, my eyes become clearer and I can see possibilities.  I become empowered rather than being a victim to my thoughts or the world around me.

The law of gratitude is the natural principle that action and reaction are always equal, and in opposite directions.” Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich, p18.

What this means is that when we activate gratitude, or when we are grateful, we send out or emit an energy that is magnetic.  Gratitude, when activated in our bodies, becomes the action.  The automatic and equal reaction is an instantaneous movement towards you.  That movement towards you will be related that that which you are grateful for.  It is science and it is powerful when we learn to use it properly.

Gratitude when kept as a mental activity is a good thing, but when you can activate it deep into your being, it can change your world.  It will open the pathways to bring to you what you want.  It will keep you from becoming dissatisfied.  It will lift your energy and your awareness to the Truth and it will liberate you to become Who you are here to be!

Take a few moments now, before you move to something else to activate gratitude in your being.  Start with a list of things you are grateful for.  Perhaps you are grateful for the roof over your head, that you woke up this morning, for your friends and family.  Perhaps for reading this article.  Whatever it is, let it activate something deep in the depths of you and begin to expand.  Let it come over you like a breath of fresh air.  Stay in this process of activate gratitude until you feel a shift in your body and mind.

Gratitude is now activated.  Keep the fires of gratitude tended and you will have new life.

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