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A Fight I can't Seem to Win |

I’m struggling to be kind and compassionate. I’ve been stolen from. My privacy has been violated. My dreams stolen. My plans ruined.

A few days ago there were 7-8 tomatoes, one just about ready to pick. It was perfect, no blemishes, very red, I could almost taste the juices of it. One more day, I said to myself and it will be ready.

One more day later – it’s gone. Lock, stock and barrel as they say – no signs of it anywhere. Jeez… I’m beyond disappointed. We were going to have BLT’s for dinner. I was ready, my mouth was watering… My husband was going to be sooo happy! Then – bam, it’s gone.

It’s not right!

The next day – two more totally green tomatoes have disappered. I really don’t want to share. I really am living in lack and limitation and “It’s MINE”.

Then this morning, there is one tomato left and this one on the railing of the deck.

Seriously? What are you doing??? Taunting me?

I thought we were safe, up on the deck, away from the ground. I thought there would be respect for private property. I guess I was wrong.

I think I’m needing some of my own advice – about Falling Into Ease.  Maybe I’ll go listen to one of my Facebook LIVEs.  Want to join me there?

In-Joy, With Ease and in FREEDOM,


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