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A Circle of Women |

In 2003, I stumbled into a process that would change my life.  I came to be in a circle of women that would become my sisters, women that I know intimately and fiercely.  Women I admire, support, love and trust.

Nicole Christine

That first day, the day I met 12 women, unknown to me previously, I knew I was in the right place at the right time.  I committed to a nine-month process with this group of women as we journeyed to Awaken the Inner Priestess.

We shared and processed; we played and cried; we danced and we celebrated in living ceremony.  Something different each weekend, all building on an awakening and revealing process.  We were embodying and becoming even greater, more authentic versions of our real selves.

Awakening the Priestess Essence

This journey has become part of my firmament, the foundation of who I am in the world.  I subsequently continued on to another nine-month process called the Magdalene Mysteries, became an apprentice and led the journey.  It’s been a few years now since the last circle, but its time again!

It’s time to reactivate the deep mysteries of the feminine, to hold a container for awakening in circle and to call the next tribe of amazing women together.

Are you one of them?  Is it your time to nourish and nurture your inner Priestess?  Are you to be part of the next tribe coming together, right now?  If you feel the impulse, if the idea of the Priestess Process tickles at something deep in your psyche, consider joining us!

We will play and laugh, sing and dance, share and cry together as we activate the archetype of the Priestess through living ceremony.  We will activate the sacred cycles and rhythms through a journey beginning with initiation and ending with emergence.  We will touch on the feminine mysteries, shadow, sacred archetypes, sacred union, telling our stories and bringing our gifts to the world.

Feel the impulse, is it there?  Want more information?  Contact me for a private conversation to see if this might be the perfect time and process for you!

For more information: Awakening the Priestess Essence


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