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Why is connecting with your soul important?

Soul Connecting – It’s what I do.  Soul Connecting has become my tag line, so to speak.  What is Soul Connecting and why is it important?  Let’s take a look.

We are spiritual beings living in a physical body and a human experience.  We are so much more than our physical bodies, so much more than our minds and emotions, but exactly what is that?  It is what we call our souls.

Have you ever met someone who was special, as in connected to themselves in a way that shows?  Happy and at peace in their own skin?   Who flows through life’s challenges with an ease that seems unlikely?  That person is likely connected to their soul, to that which is greater than them, and therefore to the Universe itself.

If we live in a physical body, as in we have a body, but are more than it, what is that which is the more?  It is our soul.  Our soul, is that which is eternal, is the divine idea of God or Spirit.  Our soul is that which is beyond our humanity, which is One with God, at all times.

At birth our soul takes on a body and we grow up.  In the formative years, we learn at an exponential rate all the things we learn.  We learn and take on habits, beliefs and ways of being. Some of which express the truth of our Soul, and some which don’t.

In this time and age, it is imperative to awaken the Soul, to step into the right idea and expression of who we are and who we are here to be.  That would be:  Love, Life, Worthy, Enough, Divine expression and would exude the qualities of love, compassion, Oneness, peace, joy and the like.

Why is it important to connect to your soul?  It is the one true pathway, the one that will bring to you complete and totally healing of all your emotional wounds, it is that which will propel you towards the longings and yearnings of your heart.  When we connect deeply to our Soul, we access our deeper, wiser spiritual heart, that of true wisdom.

My work in the world is helping people access the place in them that knows the Soul, that can free them from life-long patterns and invisible glass ceilings discovering innate talents, purpose and passion that then will lead to clear, confident pathways to living the life of their dreams.

Recently I’ve been part of a collective and collaborative project that lead to a #1 International Best Selling book, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. 

I’d love for you to pick up a copy of this first book in a series of 365 Books, (the next one being:  365 Moments of Grace, coming out in the spring of 2016), so that you can discover the ways in which over 200 contributors have done it for themselves. 

Purchase it Here                                        

I have communicated with many of the other authors of this book through social media, and discovered new friends among them. I have found them to be wonderful, kind, caring, generous, souls: all beating with the same heart that wants to make this world a better place to live, and spread love and light to all.

Our book describes connecting with your soul through play, meditation, nature, animals, creativity and so very much more. As each new person lives from their Soul, the world becomes more loving, and this book shows you 365 different ways of doing so. The passage I wrote is titled:  Finding Peace In a Hot Air Balloon – my experience of flying and discovering a metaphysical and spiritual truth.

The best thing about this book is that because we have so many contributors, you’re bound to find a passage that truly resonates with you. We came together from all walks of life, from all around the world, to share these messages with you. I’ve read many of the pieces during our editing process, and I’m really looking forward to reading one passage per day for the next 365 days. However, you can read it your way, flick through and read a page you land on, or read it front to back in one sitting! That’s the great thing about this book, and I know that you will find many juicy tips for soul connections. I’m sure you’ll be inspired, touched, and ready to embark on your own personal journey with your Soul. Enjoy!

You can purchase both of my books on amazon:

365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul  


Be A BOA, Not A Constrictor (ebook)

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