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Shero’s Journey – A Spiritual Adventure

Shero’s Journey is a spiritual adventure – the first in a trilogy. Shero is our heroine and as it turns out, she was seeded from a different dimension, the Star Seed Planet. She doesn’t know it, yet she must embrace her humanity in order to be able to serve the world in the great grand scheme of healing planet Earth. On her spiritual journey she faces dragons and chasms as in any hero’s journey, but hers are of emotions – anger, rage, fear, terror, betrayal and shame. As she navigates her life on earth, she discovers the deeper meaning of life; she meets her challenges with strength and in the end, she realizes her mission.

You might recognize yourself in Shero’s adventures as she awakens to her true nature and embodies her purpose.

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Paradox of Awakening – Finding Peace in a World of Chaos

The world is awakening. I can see it. I can taste it. I witness it. We are awakening to a deeper love, a deeper connection, a deeper caring of the planet and each other. This awakening is beautiful, and it is messy.

We look out at the world we see and wonder if we will ever really wake up all the way? If the people we see are capable of more.

Awakening can feel like a split in our awareness, in our beingness. In this book, I share some of the apparent paradoxes of awakening; Perfect Imperfection; Destination or Journey; Oneness in Two Worlds; Alone and Not-Alone; Bliss and the Hardest Work.

At the end of this book you will have discovered ways to move through depression, overwhelm, the feeling of being lost. You will have an understanding of finding peace in the midst of chaos.
If you love the writings of Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra; the teachings of Oprah or Marianne Williamson, you will love this simple, easy to read and profound book!

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What is Mine To Do…? A Guided Process for Spiritual Discernment

Now available as an eBook on Amazon here.

Also available as an Audio Process Meditation here.



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Falling Into Ease ~ Release Your Struggle and CreEASE Final Coverate A Life You Love

And the Companion:

Guidebook Cover

Falling Into Ease Guidebook ~ Simple Everyday Practices to Release Struggle and Create Ease 

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Be a BOA, Not A Constrictor    (ebook)      be ab.o.a.-7



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Coaches Collaboration

Contributing Author:

A Day In the Life, Coaches Collaboration – What you Need to Know to Thrive In Your Coaching Business



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I’m a contributing author three times in this best-selling series  –

365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul 365 Moments of Grace  and 365 Life Shifts 

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