New Humanity Now – Introduction

We are in unprecedented times. The world is a’ changing and its changing at a rate unseen before.

It’s like being on an old school merry-go-round spinning and spinning and spinning until you can hardly stand up. If you try to see everything the dizzy feeling comes over you like nausea. If you keep your eyes on a single point, even as you spin around and around, there is a stability that holds the dizzy at bay.

If you hang out at the edge, holding onto the bar, leaning out wards you have a very different experience than if you are standing at the center of the merry go round.

But what does this have to do with New Humanity Now?

New Humanity Now is my term for the new that is happening; for the birth of a new species of humanity; for the quantum leap from the separated self to the Universal self. Let me paint a picture:

It is a beautiful day in the not so distant future. The earth is beautiful and brilliant, the colors are so vibrant that they seem to be new shades of what we’ve known in the past. The air has a crisp, aliveness – it’s almost effervescent. The scene is a park type setting. You’re sitting on a bench watching the kids play on the playground area; watching young adults playing with dogs in the wide open grassy area. You also see birds, rabbits, squirrels. You also see groups of people sitting on blankets on the ground or picnic tables with laptops. You know they are solving the problems of the work as they work together.

You stand up and talk a walk, the trees are pulsating, leaves dancing in the gentle breeze. You turn to the global news, just for fun. Today’s headlines are new collaborations and innovations. The headlines spotlight kindness and compassion. The world appears to work for all people, everywhere. There is an interconnectedness that surpasses competition for collaboration. In fact, the competition in the news stories is one of finding solutions, innovative answers in the most creative and unthought of ways.

The energy of the people is one of attunement, excitement, peace and ease. Anything you think of comes to be. Gentle laughter, giggles and belly laughing can be heard across the park. The colors of the flowers are dazzling and brilliant.

As you look at this idyllic scene you wonder – how in the world did we get here from what we were experiencing in 2020 – in only a few short years?

In 2020, the scene was fraught with violence, fear, separation. People were fighting over whether to wear masks to help contain the coronavirus that was sweeping the world. Especially in our country of United States of America there was no agreement on anything at all. At one point we thought that the corona virus would bring us together – but that was not the case at all. 2020 was peppered with virus, pandemic, fires, racism, police brutality, cash shortage, killer hornets and who knows what else! It was a time of great fear, anxiety, people dying alone and afraid.

We were isolated, quarantined and masked when we did go out. But enough of that story – you were there, you know, you saw and you lived in the midst of it.

In the midst of it there was a great awakening, a subtle, profound transformation happening in the lives and consciousness of the people. We were waking up  like never before. Some were having life experiences that they’d only dreamed of. Some were having mystical experiences that changed them forever. Others were working consciously to bring in the new; to be in the new; to be part of the great change.

As with any evolutionary change by definition the old systems have to go to mush. There is chaos before creation. The resistance to change, the interruptions of the old patterns and paradigms are exactly what build the strength for the new. But does it have to be hard? Not at all. It isn’t hard at all when you surrender and allow the natural unfolding.

We are in an evolutionary change – it’s been predicted for 1000s of years or longer. It is the awakening; it is the death of the separated human for the birth of Universal Human. It is the letting go of all that is unlike love and stepping up. It is more than up-leveling though, it is a complete reconstruction of all that is.

There comes a point in the life cycle of any species where it will deconstruct or evolve. Where it will either kill itself off or transform into something new. That’s what’s happening to the species called humanity. It’s a quantum leap into new. We are in it now.

It’s happened to me; it’s happening to my consciousness buddies every day now. Its happening to my clients and students and it is so brilliant. In the new there is no struggle or suffering. It’s as if that all drops away and what emerges is a spacious, peaceful, open, relaxed moment. In that moment -the body, heart, mind, soul, spirit system can take a collective breath and recalibrate. Coherence is found and all the stress of separation leaves the body and the body-chemicals and new neuropathways are created.

It’s what people like me have been preaching and teaching about for decades – the experience of Oneness. The sense of belonging, of being part of something that is so much greater than our individualized being. And in that, comes a soul relaxation, a breath of relief. All is well in the world – no matter what the evidence is.

When we touch the fullness of Oneness, we then discover that it is not the end all place to be but instead a starting point, a jumping off point that becomes the new baseline. From Oneness, we enter into conscious cocreation with the neuronet of consciousness; we discover the next dimension of beingness is Allness.

Allness for me has a very different feeling to it than Oneness. I had been striving for Oneness my entire 20 year career as a spiritual leader. When I land there, it is brilliant; when I began to live there, everything shifted. But when I enter Allness – it’s more. More alive, energetic, electric; more encompassing, further reaching and mind-blowing-ly expansive! The Universe is Allness – and we are but a part of all that is.

It’s a consciousness change, it’s a new dimension of consciousness that is inclusive of all that has been in the past. It’s a worldview change. It changes the very dna of your being and that changes everything.

In Oneness, in Allness – there is no competition; no lack or limitation. There is no me vs we; right or wrong; there is a collective curiosity that lends itself to innovative, creative possibilities. Although there are not words that describe it fully – it’s fresh, new, alive, expansive.

It’s like being power-washed from the inside out. It’s like being turned upside down and discovering that you’ve been seeing the world through a dark colored lens. Instead of seeing all the wrong and bad – you begin naturally to see the brilliance the kindness and compassion – to see the unity and interconnectedness of all life.

In New Humanity Now you discover who you truly are – with no limits – your biggest, boldest, most brilliant becomingness and you begin to see others as their own brilliance too.

How cool is that? How new and fresh and enlivening is that? Come along with us! Join in the fun! You know you want to!

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