Make the most peace-ful choice

What if in any given moment – you choose the most peaceful response?

What is the most peaceful choice you can make in this moment? What brings you the most peace? How can you find a distraction in the chaos of the world or your mind?

This is the year of triggering – I heard recently Panache Desai call this year the Trigger Fest 2020 – I loved it. What else can get triggered? I’ve been thinking about New Humanity and the apparent gap that so many of us seem to be caught in.

Here’s what I notice:

  • When we get caught in I’m right and you’re wrong, we become more attached to our stance than the Truth.
  • When we are polarized in this manner, conversations seem to hit brick walls
  • When, instead we can lay down “stance” and become curious, the system softens
  • When my system (meaning body, mind, heart, soul, spirit, relational with you) softens, I can find peace
  • When I find peace, I become naturally more curious and can truly ask, what do you mean?
  • When I’m curious I can find common ground
  • When I find common ground, I see you for the truth that you are rather than the stand you were
  • When I see you – I realize our ONENESS, which opens my heart
  • When I open my heart, I find love, kindness, compassion
  • When I live in my open-hearted space, I access New Humanity Now
  • When I access New Humanity Now – I become innovative, creative, collaborative for a greater good of the WHOLE!
  • When I’m interested in the Whole, I discover my own wholeness and your wholeness
  • From Wholeness, I can find not only Oneness, but also ALLness and I’ve transcended again.
  • When I know Allness, I am peace.

If you follow this path or your own similar path noticing how you feel along the way, you’ll discover peace and spaciousness and expansion.

Give it a go and let me know how it unfolds for you. If you get stuck along the way – try again; or message me. I’m here in service to Allness!

New Humanity Now Info ~  Voices For a New Humanity – Video Series

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