Can We All Agree…

At least on this one thing?

There is so much animosity in the world today. A person can hardly say anything at all without someone else interjecting or countradicting the statement.

It’s about crazy making!

However, I do believe we can all agree on this:

We all want a better future!

Right? Don’t you? We may disagree even on what that means, but I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want that!

Last week I wrote a blog called Beyond Meditation – and I was so inspired that I decided on the spot to offer a

FREE Quantum Burst Experience –

So you can see and experience exactly for yourself what I’m talking about.

This Thursday – June 18, 11 am Central Time Zone

It’s completely FREE – but you do have to register. Register HERE!

By the way – if you are already a member in New Humanity Now – you are already registered! If you are Click Here to learn more.
Hope to see you (on Thursday, June 18, at 11 am CT)

New Humanity Now Info ~  Voices For a New Humanity – Videos

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