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The Power that comes by activating the Quantum New Humanity Now!

Today, as I was meditating with Panache Desai, I was finally able to put some words on the experience I have with the New Humanity Now and meditation.

For over 35 years, I’ve been a daily meditator, most of those years, I’ve been leading and facilitating meditation in many formats. Recently, as in the last six months or more – something’s changed for me.

For over 35 years, I’ve been a daily meditator, most of those years, I’ve been leading and facilitating meditation in many formats. Recently, as in the last six months or more – something’s changed for me.

Let’s see if I can put it into words that might make sense to your heart as well.

Meditation, historically for me is about entering the void, about dropping beneath the mind and emotions to the point of stillness. From there, I often experience an expansiveness, sometimes a journey, sometimes basking in the openness.

It’s in this place that Dr. Joe Dispenza calls the void, the freedom point. Where everything comes into coherence. Using HeartMath science, when the body relaxes into coherence our heart rates stabilize, blood pressure stabilize, stress hormones drop and feel good hormones activate. In this space of coherence, the body can heal. In this space of coherence, we can unhook from the subconscious addictions to guilt, shame, fear, anxiety and all the beliefs like unworthiness and not being good enough.

Each and every time we land in coherence, our body, mind, heart, soul, spirit system relaxes in ways that promotes healing and the experience of wholeness on all levels. There’s a sense of being centered and anchored and free at the same time. Free from the burdens of the mind and emotion, free from the noise of the world and universe. Free to Be.

It’s quite brilliant and a wonderful way to live!

On another level, it’s also only the beginning. It’s the starting gate, its base level of being. From that point of coherence, we can also land in the power point of stillness – more than silent, different than quiet, although our minds and emotions are quiet there. From the point of stillness, when we line up with that which is greater than us – there’s a power force.

I like to use the term –  our biggest, boldest most brilliant becomingness – when we line up with that – there is a whoosh of power that surges through us. It’s that power that is new for me. It’s that power that surges in and through me but also as me that lifts me into the New Humanity Now. Using the Quantum Burst of alignment, everything changes.

When I access this point of activation the meditation and my entire spiritual practice becomes the basis for a much more powerful, activated, engaged, movement to the co-creation of a future – that is now.

I realize that was a lot of words and it might not make much sense logically – but go back and read that paragraph again with your energy field. With an openness to feeling the words rather than reading them.

Can you feel that? Can you feel how the New Humanity, the New Quantum is not passive, but truly filled with unlimited potential and infinite possibilities and the power to activate your brilliance? There’s an empowered action in this field.

It’s not personal, it’s quantum. It’s not about my ego or personality desires – it’s much bigger than that! It’s the quantum collective of the New Humanity Now! Then the super power is to join up with others who are doing the same thing.

For me, in my groups – both the ones I participate in and the ones I lead – this is the most juicy, delicious, surprising experience.  Feel this –  take a moment to land in the space of your deepest meditation, then line up with your biggest boldest becomingness. Feel the whoosh.  Like the blast just before the rocket ship takes off – the building of the fuel source. Then lift off – feel the lifting, up and up. Feel the lining up of a greater something.  It’s an energy building. It’s new.  Then consciously line up with Me, and the group – or a collective of souls doing the big work. Super easy in a group container – it’s like we click in and exponentially expand the powers.

To super power the super powers, we lift the energy vibrations and we gift it to the Universe. Just gift your most brilliant becomingness to the world. Give it away – freely without even knowing what it looks like. Just give it away.

What seems to happen is a whoosh of the giving creates a mushroom cloud of good that then transcends into a billion droplets, sparkles, diamond crystal particles that comes right back around and rains down on you, all the good the brilliance, the love, the joy – whatever that is good and wonderful. As you open it permeates, penetrates and fills the very inner spaces of your being like electrifying your cells.  Feel the sparkle, feel the electricity with your being.

Feel the power. Feel the alignment. Feel the activity of the quantum bursting in and through you.

This is my experience and it might be close to yours, or yours might be completely different. Let’s talk about it!

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Other than that…  Oh, just come and try it!

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