We made it…

We survived April and made it into May!

April showers bring May flowers – and I’m practicing my editing skills…

Whew – we’ve made it through just about the weirdest, strangest month of my lifetime. While so many were staying in, being shut down, isolated from the world at large; there were others who are feeling more connected, more engaged (albeit online) and super excited about what’s happening as we move through these times.

I’m mostly one of those –  I see so much good coming! I see so much potential and powering up of possibilities! I’m feeling the birth of New Humanity Now! 

I know, I know – I’ve been talking about this for so long- up to a decade, maybe even. But it’s here! And it’s brilliant, and messy, and disturbing, and exciting – all at once!

Now, to be totally transparent, I’ve had some days where I had to shut down; where life out there was just too painful as I watched the news or stories about front line responders and the war zone types of experiences they are having.

I am utmost-ly grateful for them! For all who are keeping our world moving! And I’m in deep compassion for those who are hurting; in grief, in economic distress and all the other ways the drama/trauma is moving through so many lives.

Then, in the midst of it, I rise up again. Seeing, calling forth, claiming and proclaiming that not only will we get through these times, we will THRIVE and be even more ALIVE! There is something happening that is different than ever before.

In that, I’m launching New Humanity Now – an place to explore; to bring the wholeness of yourself and your experiences and to lean into the Becomingness of Being. It’s here that we are finding deeper love, more compassion, kindness to the nth degree, innovation, creativity and collaboration like never before.

New Humanity Now is a gathering place of the New, exploring the thoughts, ideas and possibilities, even as we release the pain and struggle of the current times. It’s a place to grow, to be witnessed, to be called forth in whatever is yours to Be and then from Beingness to Do.

It’s super easy to join and we kick off next week! 

Read more about it HERE.

I’ve also been talking to people about what New Humanity Means to them; how it’s showing up in their experiences. I’m calling this the Voices of A New Humanity video series.  It’s been super fun and there are already 4 conversations posted on the webpage  Check them out – more have been recorded and will be released in the coming days.

If you’d like to participate in the Voices series, simply COMMENT and let me know!

Here’s the the New!

Here’s to love, kindness, compassion, equality, fulfillment and Awakening!

Much love,

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