Today, I choose LOVE (again)!

Today, I choose LOVE

No, it’s not a new choice – I’ve been chooing love for years, decades. But today – it is a deeper choice! It’s a broader choice. It’s a choice that has to have ACTION in it!

Today, I choose to SEE my brothers and sisters – those who look different, those who think differentToday, I choose to Feel my sisters and brothers – those who are suffering terribly in every and any way.Today, I KNOW – not with my mind and brain, but with my HEART – ONENESS.Today, from Oneness, I discover ALLNESS.

And in Allness, there is compassion, kindness, peace, joy and most of all SOLUTIONS to all that is keeping us divisive and divided.

LOVE is not easy – LOVE is hard work sometimes.

Love is diving deep into your own heart and pulling out all the anger, grief, rage, fear that is buried there. Making room for more love – of ALL people!

Will you join me? Today? Now?

No more excuses! It’s time for the NEW HUMANITY to arise – and it has to go through the current chaos of our country – through the division – through the pain and through our blinded eyes!

Join the movement – New Humanity Now

New Humanity Now Info ~ Voices For a New Humanity – Videos

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