I’m outraged, I’m horrified. I’m heart broken. I’m struggling… and you should be too!

Today, I look out at my country and wonder. My heart is breaking – shattered to use a phrase my sister once spoke; my stomach is tied up in knots and I’m nauseous at what I’m seeing. The violence, rage, anger, fear; it disturbs me deeply.

The conversation seems to get polarized so easily no matter what we’re talking about. The topics range from white supremacy, to racial inequality. I’m the first to know that I don’t know. Yesterday I did a short video about Injustices (you can find it here). Today I was taking my process deeper and here what I know to be true in my heart of hearts.

The world is awakening and needs to awaken. All of the issues that we face are based in a belief of separation. We believe that we are separate from one another, from the Earth, from Source or God. In that belief we become scared of, afraid of, there is competition, anger, fear and that leads down the deep rabbit hole we find ourselves in.

I heard someone say, from a news channel that what we need is a spiritual awakening. I’ve been saying that for years. But let’s take it deeper.  If all of our world issues are ultimately around separation the solution is Oneness. but how in the world do we get to oneness when we are so divided?

The simple, profound, and not easy answer is LOVE. When we open ourselves to love, things begin to change. So, why can’t we do that?

Because our hearts and minds and hardwired subconscious patterns are locked in with fear, anger, rage, injustices, victimhood, resentment and more. We have it, not because we are bad people, but because it is historic, cultural, mass consciousness. AND it’s time to change that! Now!

How? Let your hearts be touched, let your hearts be broken wide open. For it is in the breaking open, that we can access a breakthrough.

Be willing to open your heart. Right now. Feel what’s there – the fear, anger, rage, sadness, grief, hopelessness, whatever is there in your heart right now. With the work I’ve been doing for the past decade, we can access the subconscious hardwired patterns and simply, gently and easily dissolve, dismantle and release them for all time. We are not talking about years or decades of psychotherapy – it’s quantum and powerful.

Then become willing to love. Love yourself, love your neighbors, love your enemies, love like you breathe. (Remember someone else saying similar things some 2000 years ago?) Love is the antidote to fear – all the time, every time. Love. Open your heart to every living being. Everyone! Drop the judgment. Drop the resistance. Drop the rationale and evidence and logic that says it’s impossible or unreasonable or crazy.

Just do it!  If you need support, reach out. If you want a community who is doing this work together – check out New Humanity Now.

As we are awakening, as we are being birthed into the New – the old cannot come along. There is no space in the field of Oneness for separation. And it won’t come from the top down, from the outside in. It won’t come from an outer war, or new governments or even punishments. It comes from a willingness to awaken to the Truth of our Oneness. Awaken to the Truth of what’s possible.

For just a moment – take a breath in and close your eyes. Feel into the world that you would love to live in. Feel into a world that works for ALL people! Feel into a beauty, connection, compassion, kindness. Feel into a world that has sustainable systems that support everyone – in living full, happy, productive lives. Feel into a baby that knows she’s loved. It’s that sense of security that arises. It’s available now.

Join us and claim it. Join the movement for ALL people matter! And then from this very centered space of love – ask yourself, “What is mine to do.” Then go do that! From love. In love. As love. That’s the only way through this mess we find ourselves in. I know it in my heart. It’s the biggest, boldest spiritual activism that I know of.

Join the movement! Join the conversation. New Humanity Now . Sign up here – three levels to engage! Like, Comment, Share the posts!

One easy and simple way to play is to join in our #BirthingANewWorld – posting a single image of beauty and inspiration to uplift on your facebook page. Use the hashtag and tag me. When you see a post with this hashtag, comment. Let’s spread the love in anyway we can. Start with the easy ways, and build up to the most biggest, boldest love possible!

Another way – not quite so easy or simple – Watch my friend, Denise Lee’s video. She is one of the most brilliant and brave people I know – in this video she calls us out and she calls us into her room. Just watch and be moved!

I’m here – I might not understand the pain and injustice, but I see you. I hear you. I stand with you in solidarity and I love you! Yes, YOU!

Is it enough? I don’t know, but it’s a start! It’s what I can do! It’s where I’m called to be! I take a stand for the equality of all people! For the safety of all people! For the witnessing of all people! For LOVE for all people! It starts right here in our hearts –

Open your heart! Open your heart to those who are unlike you! Open your heart to ALL PEOPLE! Now!

“Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.” ― Desmond Tutu

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