A Grand Becoming Adventure Begins!

Down Under Blog, Wednesday, February 5, 2020

It’s here! It’s time! A lifelong dream that was seeded 15 years ago is happening now!

Phoenix – Seattle – Honolulu – New Zealand (lots of places there) – Australia (lots more places there too)!   And maybe more!  Five weeks of grand adventure!

Photo Credit – Ron Long on Unsplash.com

How does it feel?  Exciting, a bit surreal, anticipatory, calm, expansive, global, quantum.

There were moments and conversations in the brutal throes of the fires in Australia that we considered canceling the trip. Well, to be clear – my husband, our friends and neighbors wanted to postpone it for another time. I didn’t waver.

The time is now. I’m called!  (Are you?)

Perhaps we will be helpful in some known or unknow way. Perhaps we are a part of the remaking of Australia and the world.

In December there was a planetary event. Five planets lined up with Earth and Ulura – a sacred spot in the middle of Australia. There was sacred ceremony, people gathered and called in the new. Uluru is said o be the solar plexus of the planet.

It was a sacred moment and felt bigger than I can imagine in impact.

I’m called to be there now! In the great awakening, the grand becoming. Something evocative is emerging.

Perhaps it is a new consciousness  one we’ve been waiting and preparing for since Birth 2012 – eight years ago!

What is it? What does it feel like?  To me – it’s a quantum leap into new dimensions; it’s no longer striving or trying or pushing or manifesting… it’s no longer about deciding, desiring, wanting or deserving, for all that comes from separation.

It’s a Oneness, a wholeness, a god-ness, and all work suddenly becomes playful and sparkly and fun!

It’s more of a designing – a calling forth of an infinite possibility of miraculous outcomes.

It’s already there in the field. It’s seeing it, touching it and then closing the gap. Drawing it forth, but without attachment to specific details.

It’s about becoming our biggest brilliance – and how fun is that?

It’s about knowing the portal of playful possibilities (thank you to a particular client, who coined this phrase). It’s about not being tied to “what things look like in the manifest world” but instead holding for miraculous outcomes – whatever that might look like.

It’s magical when you can let go of trying to make something that your mind made up and instead leap to a knowing there will be miraculous outcomes now! 

Holy cow – it’s exciting times! It’s expansive and freeing and evocative to play here!

Will you join me?!?

On the trip –  which while is amazing in itself – there will be way more than beautiful scenery! There will be sharing like this. Invitations to line up for a greater good. Ceremony. Quantum Bursts. Calling in the tribe and so much more! 

I’ll put you in my backpack – literally-

I will have your name written and you’ll go everywhere I go.

We have a private Facebook group where I’ll be posting as we go! Then at the end, I’ll have a special blessing/healing/burst for each person and we’ll have a group call!  Whoo-wee!!!

Check it out –  Virtual Walk-About! There’s still time to join, but hurry, I leave my home today! 

Signing off from Mesa, AZ!

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