Join the Global Meditation Movement

There is a movement to have 1 Million meditators – all meditating on one theme over a 24 hour period.

My friend and colleague, Anita Morrow has visioned this happening and created the movement. Read about the 1 Million Meditators here.

Anita and I did an interview last week. I thought I’d share it. We’d love your comments, thoughts and of course participation. We talk about the event, but also she asks quite a bit about my work – you might find that interesting too!

Here are ways to participate:

Join the Movement

Join the Event on Facebook

Attend my LIVE on FB – noon Saturday, CT

Attend in Hot Springs – 11:30 am CT, Saturday

I hope to see you there – and that you will join your energy in our global movement – “I Love Myself and I Love the Planet!”

In-joy and with ease!

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