I’ve Fallen in Love…

I’ve fallen in love!¬†With the Venice, Florida area!

But first… Tampa/Clearwater

Last Sunday we spent the day at Unity of Tampa and the late afternoon evening at Clearwater Beach. The day was rainy and cool. Here’s a couple of pictures.  Two cool things, I want to share…  

One was this amazing sand castle we found and the other was a miracle. We had been walking on the beach and were heading back to the car to get our way-cool patio, rocking chairs to bring onto the sand, when I looked up and found a beach restaurant. We decided to go there instead. What did we find – but rocking chairs overlooking the ocean. How perfect and cool was that?  

Then there was Venice!  

We had the amazing opportunity to connect with two different couples, both that we hadn’t seen in a few years (or more) and the sun finally came out!  The beach was brilliant and beautiful.

Yes, you might notice it looks like the same place. It is. Each couple independently suggested the same restaurant – how cool is that?  

And… Unity of Venice was amazing! The grounds, facilities, Presence and energy there was so wonderful. They were professional, proactive in helping me get everything I needed and so kind and generous.
My friend and colleage, Rev. Robin Reiter is doing amazing work. Everything is and was just what you would think a successful ministry is. AND… she had 56 people attend a Monday evening workshop! How cool is that???

This week, I’m blessed to work with a few clients, did beach time, pool time and got caught up in some backend paperwork.

Today, we are off to Jupiter Beach – let’s see how pretty is it!  

This Sunday, we are thrilled to spend the day with our dear friend, Rev. Lawrence Palmer and his beautiful wife, Beverly in Pompano Beach!

So, all is well on my end – living the dream and having a grand adventure. 
I’d love to hear from you!  What’s going on in your world and how can I support you?  Shoot me a quick reply and catch me up!

Biggest Blessings,

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