Full Moon and Rocket Launch

Wow, just wow!

What an amazing experience we had last night.

During our afternoon time at the pool, enjoying fabulous mid 80 degree temperatures in Jupiter, FL, someone mentioned that there was a rocket launch scheduled for later that evening at Cape Canaveral.

I looked at Rob and said, I wonder if we can see it?

We did a bit of research and discovered that the Launch was scheduled for 8:45 pm and the moon rise was at the same time.

With a bit of my urging, we headed out, after dark to the beach. The same beach where I was transported into bliss a few nights earlier at the Full Moon Sound Bath.

This time though, instead of being with dozens of people as the sun set, we were alone, and it was pitch black. We set up our blanket and settled in to await two events.

Then we saw it – the rocket shot off. It looked at first like a plane in the distance, then the light expanded, like a flare. It was fire in the sky. Then it shot up and was gone. In only a couple of moments.

It was at that moment that we saw the beginings of the moon, peeking over the horizon; bright burnt orange.

Our conversation include the pondering of that Rocket heading to that very same moon.

It was fantastic! It was amazing. Now I’ve added another bucket list item – to be at an actual launch, not 100 miles away!

I wish I had pictures of my own, but the best I could find, to capture what we witnessed was this one, from Nasa.

Image from IMG_1178b_LADEE-launch_Ken-Kremer.jpg

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