A Matter of Perspective

The truck…   feels big and looks so small… 

Life and life’s challenges – sometimes they feel so big and then in an instant they can appear so small.

It’s no secret that I am not a truck driver and I’ve spent the last 12 years saying NO to RVing when my beloved suggested it.

For you see, I’m the primary driver and I didn’t think I could do it. I was terrified of the thought of driving a big truck around much less pulling a trailer.

So, now – seven weeks into our nine week grand adventure with our new truck and travel trailer, I have to admit…

I actually like it!

And I’m doing pretty great.

I have to publish this today, because tomorrow we are moving the trailer again, after being parked for over a month, and this time to a RV Park and we know that we have to back into our spot.

We have survived and mastered the art of NOT backing the trailer… up until now.  But that’s for another story after tomorrow.

Back to the topic of this blog.

I have come to really like our truck. I can park it – if there’s lots of space, and even back out of the parking spot just fine now. I’ve adjusted to its size and trust myself driving it.

But how big is it, you might ask?

It’s huge to me! It’s a mid-size, 2011 Dodge Dakota Ram. It’s not a half ton, certainly not bigger. It has a V8 engine which rocks when I want it to. I still think Its pretty big when I’m driving it. But this picture shows a different story.

This is parked at the RV Park in Jupiter, the trailer is just across the road. In this picture, our truck looks like a mini-truck. It looks like a baby one. And I will say both those trucks are really, really big!

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Using this image as a spiritual teaching. So is your life and your challenges. Even as big as they might be, put into perspective, they may take on another look and feel.

It is my magic mojo – to assist those who are in the midst of challenges, navigate through them with greater ease!

How?  I quickly, simply and easily can facilitate the dissolving, dismantling and releasing of life long limiting patterns and beliefs which opens up the way for new perspectives and the easing of any challenge into bit size action pieces.

Would you like assistance in changing your perspective?  Simply click the link to schedule your complimentary call! 

Somedays it’s huge, the next I see it is small.  What about you?

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