We did it! Another milestone!

We got the truck and we got the trailer – now we have them hooked together!  This is in the series of firsts as we prepare for our adventure! What adventure? You might be asking…   

Our National Book Tour Adventure – read all about it here!

As we began to plan our Florida Tour, taking my newest work out into the world, we decided to try out the RVing lifestyle.  It’s something my husband has always wanted to do (and something I’ve sort of always resisted.)

So we bought a truck and trailer. We’ve spend the past few weeks getting things set up – like adding a hitch and sway bars and some kind of balancing bars rig, to make it safer and easier for us to take across country.

NOW… they are finally hooked together and tomorrow, we are going to take our first trial run – a trip to the Lost Duchman State Park, in the Superstition Mountains – a whopping 28 miles from our home in Mesa, AZ.

Spiritual Insight

Hooked together is another word for Connection!  Connection to Spirit is one of the foundational principles of spiritual awakening, for if you are not connected correctly, you won’t get very far – just like the trailer to the truck! 

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Biggest Blessings,

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Like my PageParadox of Awakening, now available on Amazon!

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