Holy Pause 2018

Happy Holidays…  We are most of the way through them…  Hanukkah is complete, Solstice has past, Christmas is complete, Kwanzaa is just beginning and we are almost a week away from the New Year.


There is so much going on energetically during these busy times, but this week – the week between Christmas and New Years is my favorite of all time. Many years ago I did a talk entitled Holy Pause – and loved it so much, I kept the phrase alive for all these years.

My gift to you is the idea of taking a moment, an hour, a day or even a week for Holy Pause. Take this time to allow your soul to catch up with your busy body; to allow your mind to slow down; to sink into a sacred space of beingness.

Bask in this sacred space. In quiet. In reflection. Don’t jump too fast into releasing this past year, or planning the next, simply Be. Rest. Renew. Relax.

What we really hunger for is the present moment. Now is the time to find it. To feel your energy pulling back from the future and the past, settling right now, where all is well. Where there is nothing you have to do or be.

Biggest Blessings,

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