More shootings…

More Shootings… no, not today… I’m still processing from a few days ago.


My heart is heavy, so much that I haven’t wanted to write about one more shooting – much less two more!

In the past week, we not only had the Pittsburg shooting at the Synagogue, but just days before there was a random shooting in a grocery store in Kentucky.

What is this world coming to? It breaks my heart every time, even as we are becoming acclimated to such violence and terror.

If you’re feeling disheartened, too; feeling that life is unfair; disturbed by the violence that appears to be condoned and even given permission by our leaders; know that you are not alone. I’m here for you.


What does that mean? I’m here for you. I’m a safe sapce to process your feelings, to voice your disbelief and despair because I can hold you and all that you are experiencing and expressing with great tenderness, and love. I can also be firm in my stance for you. After being a minister for over 18 years, there is nothing that can shake me or surprise me when I’m in the role of listening. Then I stand fiercely for you and your healing – whatever that might be.

I’ve opened up my calendar for a few consultation calls – no obligation chats to get to know you and to create an open space for you to process through the disbelief, despair and just plain old wondering what’s happening in our world stuff.


About the Image:  I’m including the image here because it spoke to me – shared from a friend who got it from a friend on Facebook, so I’m not entirely sure of it’s origin. I’m all for my Jewish friends, and that doesn’t exclude anyone or any religion for me.

Schedule a call, post a comment or message me.


Biggest Blessings and an extra special dose of love to you!

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