I Speak to you of Freedom

Today, we celebrate our national Independence Day, July 4th, 2017.

Yesterday I had a beautiful day, kayaking with a friend on our lake and then watching Independence Day, the movie at a Dive-In Movie on our beach. (scroll down for a few pictures.) It’s a great film, a classic. If you haven’t seen it yet, you might want to check it out.

This morning I awoke and began my daily practice of meditation and writing. As I asked the question: What is mine to share today, this message flowed through me.

I want to share it, in its entirety because I found it to be profound and rings true.

“I speak to you of Freedom. On this day, you celebrate Freedom in your country of America. Freedom is misunderstood in most of humanity. Many people believe freedom to be the freedom to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it but Freedom is greater than that.

Freedom is the soul’s expression free from the ego’s interpretation.

Freedom comes with a paradoxical truth. The only way to be truly Free is to recognize and embrace your Oneness. In letting go of separation, the very separation that many expect free to be, in letting go of separation, Oneness is discovered; Oneness is cultivated. Oneness is discovered and revealed. For the Truth is that you were never separate from the whole, you were never separate from Creation or God or each other, you just simply think you are. When Oneness is found, integrated and realized, you will realize that you are Free.

Free from other’s thoughts, from other’s beliefs. You will have released the pattern of “I think that you think I should be thinking XYZ, and so I do.  I act in manners that either cause people to like me more or to avoid criticism.” When you fully realize Oneness, all that goes away and you are left with a simple, pure, Beingness.

Being is what you are here for. The Being is pure potentiated Love.

Freedom comes when you eliminate the need and desire for Freedom. Freedom comes not in fighting another’s thoughts, but in embracing your own. Freedom comes not in separating yourself from the field, but in embracing the fullness of humanity’s expression. Freedom comes when you no longer react to another’s words, actions or beingness. But rather simply love him / love her in their fullness of being even as they don’t recognize it yet either.

Freedom is not found in warring, but in love. Freedom is not found in fighting, but in surrendering. There is nothing that can disturb the calm peace of my soul. That is freedom. Love who you love, become friends with others who are unlike you. Become curious about how the minds and hearts of others beat. Not in judgment, but in curiosity, in expansive Love, in oneness.

Right now, fall into the depths of your own heart, fall deeper yet and find the point of Oneness. It is deep within your spiritual heart, like an umbilical cord to a fetus, this is your point of Freedom and connection; this is your point of abundance, light and love. This is the point of answers to all your questions – or rather this is the point of no questions.

You are loved beyond measure. You are safe in your Being and you are here to be Light in the world of darkness. Go and Be. Blessed be.

(Message received from Raphael. 7.4.17)

Can you feel the power in the message of Love, of Oneness? Release judgment, release fear, release all need to control any outcomes other than your own reactions and responses. Choose LOVE, Choose LIGHT, Choose FREEDOM.

Let freedom reign! Celebrate the freedom that we have in our country to think and feel and be. Celebrate the Freedom we have in our SOUL to discover and cherish and bask in true FREEDOM!

Here’s a few celebration pictures…









In-Joy, With Ease and in FREEDOM,

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  1. Truly a moving blog. As a Viet Nam era veteran (I was spared going to Viet Nam as the Navy Corpsman for the Third Marines, Second Division because my ulcers bled out four hours before I was to leave on the plane for there), I truly appreciate freedom in all its facets. Thanks for sharing.

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