The Light of the World

I am – you are – the light of the world. I am the light of the world for all who can see. I am the light, pure potentiality. I am a vibrating, effervescent, luminous light of God. Light is the beginning. In the beginning God said, “Let there be light” and there was light.

I became the light and as I did all my egoic, personality, humanity dropped away for a few moments. It was during and after an experience I had in a crystalline, sacred waterfall in the village of Abadiania, Brazil. I entered into the jungle, if you can call it that, in sacred ceremony with the intention of being cleansed and filled. This waterfall is sacred and blessed by the Entities of Light and you must have been granted explicit permission by John of God and the Entities to enter the area. As I walked down the steep path I could feel the presence.

I had no specific expectation, other than to receive all I could receive and release all that was possible to release. The only thing I knew is I was ready. I’d already been in the presence of John of God and the energetic vortex for a week, all of it leading up to this moment.

I entered the waterfall with gratitude and appreciation. In humble awe, I placed myself in the stunningly cold downpour of water and was washed, emptied and cleansed of all that no longer serves me. This immersion took my thought, my pattern, my belief, my unforgiveness, my pain and poured it right off me into the ground below the water pool. It was exhilarating and expansive, but nothing compared to the second immersion only moments later.

Coming up for breath, I became aware of the sun streaming on my body, it was like a stream of light from above right into me. It almost took me to my knees. Then I entered again, this time to be filled with light and love.

Filled, I was; I could hardly catch my breath as the water poured over my body, and the light permeated and penetrated and filled the very interspaces of my being. My entire body is tingling at the memory of this sacred and mystical moment. My heart is so full, my being is so empty.

Emerging from the second immersion, I stepped away so the next could have her turn. I was no longer my body.

I was light-headed, but also light-bodied. I stepped aside and stood in awe and wonder at the experience which was so much more than it appeared.

In sacred silence, I walked up the steep path, out of the jungle and returned to my hermitage room in the posada I was staying in. The instructions were to remain in quiet reflection for the next few hours or more.

I went to lay down to allow the fullness of the experience to integrate and fill me further, but I could not lay down. The light as vibrating at such an intensity I had to stand. As I stood, again, in a stream of sunlight coming in, this time from my window, I shook, trembled and wondered. What is this terrific and glorious thing that is happening and I realized I was no longer made of physical carbon-based body, but I had become a light being. The tingling that was happening throughout was electric; it was joy. Pure unadularated joy.

When Jesus spoke about coming that we might have joy and have joy complete – this is to what he was referring.

In time, I was able to lay down and allow the experience to continue flowing in and through and as me. I have never felt more live; never been more fully in my body – even as my body appeared to have disappeared.

I’m weeping again at the memory of it as I attempt to add words to my experience without diminishing it.

I have indeed been renewed and transformed by my experiences and as I’m beginning to share them, my work is also impacted. I feel the support of so much in the unseen world.

Since, I’m inspired and since It’s my birthday week I’m offering you a Gift – I’m turning 56 and in honor of that magical number which happens to be 11 – a spiritual mastery number – I’m offering a 5-week Intensive – for only $56/week  (or pay in full only $250)

What:  A Dive deep, connect fully, be introduced to a council of the Entities of Light, clear obstacles and activate your potential.

Who is this perfect for?  You are spiritual and have been on the path for some time, but perhaps need a jump start; wanting some of the magic juju, I experienced in Brazil. Needing a hand hold for a short time.

What will you receive?  Intensive support, clarity, clearing, activations and the simply profound sense of being introduced to a new dimensional aspect of yourself/Spirit in an expanded capacity.

In Summary – A series of five sessions for only $56/session.    As a bonus, you will also get free access to the June and July Full Moon meditations ($33 value each) and the June New Moon Meditation (also $33 value).  Must purchase by June 9.  Register Here by paying first, then details will be sent to you privately.  Or for full pay, (save $30), click here.

I look forward to a deeper sharing of the Awakening and Transformation process with you – I’m happy to be your guide.  If you’d like to have a quick chat about possibilities and your particular challenges, click here.

PS – If you’d like to know about upcoming spiritual pilgrimages to see John of God in Brazil, sign up here.  

In-Joy and With Ease,

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