Spiritual Facilitation – what is it???

What do I do, anyway???  What is Spiritual Facilitation?

I guide and facilitate a spiritual process of awakening, of release of life-long patterns and the crushing of invisible glass ceilings. It’s like discovering a covered bridge.  I guide people from boredom to passion and purpose; from despair to hope; from stuck to free.  Through the journey of my own awakening, and in my 17-year career as a minister, I’ve been with people in their darkest moments and the greatest joys. There is nothing that can shake me, nothing in you that can scare me away. I’ve seen it all. I offer a safe space to witness you, to offer a light to shine, to illuminate the pathway from where you find yourself today to where you’d love to be – living the life of your dreams.

My book, Falling Into Ease has received rave reviews and is a doorway, not only to Ease in your life, but also to connection, Oneness, and your soul’s highest desire.

I’ve been blessed recently to spend time and work with a few people who are mired in their experiences, ones that could be called dark, or hard, or scary. Challenges that have despair woven into them.

You do not need to despair or spiral into the depths of darkness alone!

I’m able to offer a sacred space to witness your pain and despair (or gnawing irritation or frustration – or any of the entire gamut of emotions), provide a hand up as together we create a pathway from where you are stuck to where you want to be.

Initially there is a breathing space created and from there relief and clarity. As we quickly, gently and easily unravel the oppressing and suffocating energies – the debilitating thought patterns and beliefs are dismantled, again creating space to breathe and therefore see with greater clarity. This work is sacred and profound.

My clients often report a sense of well-being, a release of heavy energy and a surprising lightness in their bodies and their life. Recently, a client said, after only a single session, he was much more prosperous and successful, after we discovered and dismantled a hidden belief and reason to not be successful past a certain level.

If you’d like support – I’m here. Completely tailored to you, confidential, non-judgmental, supportive and loving. Schedule a call here.


Since it’s my birthday week – I’m even offering a special!  Since most of my programs are 3-6 months and longer, I thought I’d make it easy and accessible to you, who want a taste, a shorter time to see transformation.


My “56 Birthday Special” – I’m turning 56 on Tuesday, and so through the end of this week only – I’m offering a 5-week special at only $56/week!  Click Here for the details!


In-Joy and With Ease,

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