It’s My Birthday Week – I’m offering you a Gift!

I’m so incredibly blessed!

I’m honored and I’m humbled by my recent life experiences and I want to share in an easy, affordable, accessible way – So…

I’ve created the perfect way for YOU to benefit from My Experience, my transformation and my insights!

An Intensive – Accessible – Easy – Trnasformation Experience.

It’s only Five Weeks – you get ME each and every week, with focus completely on YOU! We will align, clear, connect and access Spirit.

You will be Supported In:

  • Identifying that one obstacle, block, limiting pattern
  • Clearing / Releasing / Dissolving the core of the block
  • Accessing the next layer of Spiritual Awareness and support
  • Aligning to your deepest Essence
  • Activating new beliefs, patterns and pathways for your greatest good

Five Weekly Sessions – a Private supportive community – container for transformation!


Since, I’m inspired and since It’s my birthday week I’m offering you a Gift – I’m turning 56 and in honor of that magical number which happens to be 11 – a spiritual mastery number – I’m offering a 5-week Intensive – for only $56/week  (or pay in full only $250)

What:  A Dive deep, connect fully, be introduced to a council of the Entities of Light, clear obstacles and activate your potential.

Who is this perfect for?  You are spiritual and have been on the path for some time, but perhaps need a jump start; wanting some of the magic juju, I experienced in Brazil. Needing a hand hold for a short time.

What will you receive?  Intensive support, clarity, clearing, activations and the simply profound sense of being introduced to a new dimensional aspect of yourself/Spirit in an expanded capacity.

In Summary – A series of five sessions for only $56/session.    As a bonus, you will also get free access to the June and July Full Moon meditations ($33 value each) and the June New Moon Meditation (also $33 value).  Must purchase by June 9.  Register Here by paying first, then details will be sent to you privately.  Or for full pay, (save $30), click here.

I look forward to a deeper sharing of the Awakening and Transformation process with you – I’m happy to be your guide.  If you’d like to have a quick chat about possibilities and your particular challenges, click here.

PS – If you’d like to know about upcoming spiritual pilgrimages to see John of God in Brazil, sign up here.  

In-Joy and With Ease,

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