I was Fired by my coach…

Fired! Why it was the best thing.

I was blind-sided-ly fired by the business coach I’d hired. It took me by surprise, triggered all sorts of emotions and sent me spinning for a few moments.

The details are not important but I want to share the experience because I think it might speak to you. This coach (who will remain unnamed for obvious reasons), asked me what felt like an innocuous and simple question. My response, which was entirely truthful sent her into a reaction that questioned my integrity, implied I was misleading my clients and could even be brought into question for fraud.

Anyone who knows me at all, knows that integrity is one of my highest values. The accusation was so far off, it was as if she was saying I have purple hair and don’t know it. My response to clarify my position and to offer a bit more research into the issue at hand.

The accusations were hurtful, don’t get me wrong. I’m still a people-pleaser at heart and although I’ve worked long and hard at healing that aspect of myself, it can still rear its presence in moments of surprise.

Here’s a few things I learned that you might be able to glean from:

  1. Even as I’ve leaned on my inner authority and teach my clients to trust their own deeper wisdom over and above any outside sources, no matter what, I had put stock in what this person was telling me. This lead over time, to a subtle questioning of my own wisdom.
  2. Even as I know I don’t and can’t and won’t fit into anyone else’s box, I still was slowly shrinking to be accepted into a fold (that wasn’t actually mine to do).
  3. Even as I know my work is phenomenal, I haven’t exactly found the structure to bring it forth in a bigger way into the world, so I (again subtly and over time), began to adjust my message or my product or program to fit what something outside of me was suggesting.

Do you see a pattern here? The thing is that so much of it is subtle. We start out strong and clear then slowly begin to give our power away. We think that someone outside of us knows better for us and although there might be time for a guide, we are the only ones that knows best.

So ultimately having my inner authority questioned brought me back into clarity. It was probably the best thing that could happen for me at this time. I have been working in my field of genius for over 20 years and I know what I know. I also teach that there is a divine timing and I was pushing against it. I wanted quicker results that looked differently than I was experiencing so I paid someone to help me get there quicker.

I have enough experience in my own body and my life that I know when the time isn’t right. I trust in the “pace of guidance” and the natural flow of life to know that I’m in exactly the right place at the right time and my hopes and dreams and visions are in the exactly right place of their own evolution.

I began to feel like the little child who planted a seed and wanted the full plant to arrive in a matter of moments, and instead of trusting the process, would dig away the dirt to check on the growth every few days. Of course, this constant checking causes a delay, if not stunts the growth completely.

So, wherever you are on your journey, be it in your career, finances, health, relationships or finding a balance in your life, can you step back and allow the process. Can you take a breath and relax a bit? Can you begin to trust that at least for today, everything is in order?

Life is meant to be lived, not pushed through. Can you give yourself a break today? Stay true to your vision, but take time to re-ignite it in your heart and dreams, let the pushing, the doing relax a bit to fill your being with the deeper presence of why you are striving so hard to get to where you so badly want to be.

Enjoy the ride, enjoy the moment and Give Yourself a Break Today! I believe in you!  I’m here to support you in a way that matches your own integrity and inner wisdom.  Schedule your consultation call here and I’ll be happy to shine a light of consciousness upon your issue and guide you to resolution.


In-Joy and With Ease,

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