Gratitude as Healing Energy for the World


It’s hard to be grateful when life sucks. It’s hard to fall into gratitude when you are anything but grateful. However, these are the exact times it is of utmost necessity to do so.  I was needing to do just that, so I thought you might need to also.

Gratitude. Building gratitude for all that is. Building gratitude for life on this planet. That seems easier, I’m grateful for life on this planet, even if not exactly for my life of the life of the people (read government) I’m irritated with; I can find gratitude for the butterfly gracing my porch; for the hummingbird at the neighbor’s feeding station. I can move easily into gratitude for the beauty of nature all around me.

In the world, it’s easy to see everything that is wrong, but what if we took the time to simply see what’s right? Life might actually change in profound ways.

When I’m bitchy, (yes, it does happen), I’m irritable. When I get caught in the snare of the news, or in the throes of anxiety or fear; things get dark. Thick. Heavy.

Gratitude is a sort of magic bullet, but it does not work magically or sometimes not instantly. You can’t really trick your mind by saying words of gratitude without feeling it. This is a perfect place to start, but it is not the end all of the magic of gratitude.

Saying words even when you don’t feel them is the beginning. But the magic comes as the words and intentions move into vibration and frequency.

I found myself recently having slipped away from gratitude as a practice and so I’ve re-committed to a gratitude practice. For me – its’ just before going to sleep and as I wake, that I focus with conscious awareness on all that I’m grateful for. I’ve been concentrating for about a week and this morning I woke grateful – truly grateful. The dark heaviness of a veil has lifted and I now see clearly and breath more deeply and feel clear once again.

What a huge relief! As with anything vibrational when you become the vibrational match for that which you desire (which comes from consistency over time), everything in the Universe conspires to support you.

What if we took the simple act of gratitude as a healing energy practice for the planet? What magic might happen?  Would you be willing to try? Would you be willing to commit?

Take the next 21 days and actively practice gratitude and watch the magic that happens!  I promise the world will look brighter; be a bit easier and much more fulfilling!

PS – Gratitude is #Day4, of my #40Days of Healing Energy for the World. Join me here.

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In-Joy and With Ease,

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