My Becoming

Oh Blessed Infinite, Unnamable, Ungraspable, Mysterious, Uncontainable Mind of Divinity (God), This I affirm:

I play in magic, miracles and the mysteries of life with greater sparkle, laughter and abandoned joy! I unearth my fullest, most outrageous Essence and bring my gifts to the world in a big, fun, richly rewarding (to you, the world and me) way!

I am a cleaned out, sparkly, cavern of brilliance expressing and embodying love, light and joy with exquisite relationships and experiences.

I live a life of adventure, traversing and traveling the world and the planet in comfort – meaning I’m comfortable in my skin and in any surroundings. I see the beauty in the world;

I am fearless in my relationships, I live in and through my heart with love; amazed, wondered and expansive; with intimacy, deep conversations, belly laughter, dancing, games and love. Most of all Love.

Fully embodied and expressed my Essence shines with purpose, passion and connection. I’m rich, wealthy, healthy, happy and successful.

I am thriving in all ways and those around me are also thriving. I am light-hearted and uplifted.  I know that all is well.

I am guided to do the exact thing that will bring ease to my day, that will cause everything else to fall into place or not be necessary.

I live in a safe world, a world where each of us and those following us, our children and their children, can feel playful and eager about their life experience.

My programs are filled with amazing women ready to expand in consciousness and aliveness, willing to invest time and money in themselves and their greater success.


I celebrate my ridiculously amazing, awesome and abundant life; by

Basking in the ocean of Oneness and Love, Soaring with the Infinite Spirit of Creation, Dancing with abandon in mystery and magic.

Embodying my deepest, most authentic Essence as beauty and radiance,  I bring my presence and my gifts to the world in way that benefits humanity and supports my dream of financial freedom.


I take a stand for You – whoever you may be that you discover your brilliance and your divinity. I see you, I call you out, I witness you in both your glory and your deepest, darkest humanity.  I will hold the light for you as you walk the journey of divine discovery.

My magic mojo is holding space for transformation; even as the caterpillar begins to yearn for a greater life, even as she eats herself to oblivion; even as she begins to weave a cocoon around herself, heading into a deep dark cave of unknowing. I hold space as the body of the caterpillar feeds on itself and turns into mush, the fuel for an unspeakable transformation. I hold sacred space for the falling apart and the regrouping, the reorganization of the same stuff of creation as the butterfly is beginning to become.

I witness you as you begin to form a new becomingness, a new way of being in the world, even as you are being formed.

The scripture, “Before you were formed in the womb, I knew you,” comes to mind, as I see glimpses of what you are becoming even before you are fully formed.

I will stand with you as you begin to break out of the cocoon, as you push and struggle to form and strengthen your wings; and as you take your first flight into the world as a new being. Still the same, yet transformed.

I am the spiritual midwife – the transformational catalyst – the vision holder. I will guide and facilitate the yearning of the secret impulse within you; I will guide in the stages of transformation; from the chaos, through the release and surrender stages and into the fully formed new beingness.

If you are ready for Transformation – let’s chat!


I am so happy and grateful now that this is so, this or something better! And so it is.

In-Joy and With Ease,

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Aliza Bloom Robinson, author, speaker, vibrational catalyst; touches hearts, frees souls and transforms lives through her simple yet profound programs and courses. She is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling book, Falling Into Ease – Release Your Struggle and Create a Life You Love, and the companion Guidebook. Join the fb community Falling Into Ease for daily tips, ideas, coaching and more!

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