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I have been playing in my dreams, a great and grand vision for my life for a few years now at this new level of playing. I’m investing in myself and in my business. I know what I know and I know that I don’t know. But I’m not sure I can see what I don’t know I don’t know – if you follow my drift.

My journey has been spotty, actually. I’ll get all excited about building up my clientele, creating courses and programs and then get distracted and go on a vacation or move across country. It’s been an interesting phenomenon. One I’ve talked with people about. Part of the challenge is actually a blessing. My husband is retired and he like to adventure. Of course, I’m all in support of that! Here’s a picture of us at a sacred temple in Bali last year.

So it appears that every time get really close to a breakthrough, a trip appears on my horizon. I have a story that I can’t do both; that my energy gets diverted and then things slow down or stop.

I’ve also discovered beliefs about not wanting to work so hard, beliefs about making lots of money, beliefs about who and how I think I should be in the world.

I’ve been playing with the practice of “What would I love” for a couple of years. Somedays, I simply don’t know. Other times it is crystal clear.

My story about that is great, too. Would you like to hear it?  A few years ago, I had a calling and I followed it. I was called out of ministry and into a deep spiritual process/journey/initiation. I thought I was going on a 3 month sabbatical – that turned into a 15 month journey of surrender. I surrendered everything from material items, my home, my job and career to my beliefs and emotions that lingered in my awareness and unconscious. What came for me was a complete emptiness. No desires, no needs, no wants, simply Spirit. It was exhilarating, expansive and quite freeing.

As I re-entered the world I discovered I was changed. Yes, I have desires, yes I have visions and dreams, but I don’t live with a burning desire around those, (at least up until this morning).

I realized that the burning desire is the missing piece. The burning desire for something is the exact medicine that will move you forward in action, keep you making appropriate choices even when you don’t want to; and fuel the journey from where you are to where you want to be.

For example, if I have a vision and dream of being a globally recognized transformation speaker and catalyst and I don’t have a burning desire for that, what happens is I stay on my couch dreaming of it. It will be pretty hard to be recognized if I don’t take the action necessary to be visible.

If I have a burning desire, I will do whatever it takes, every single day to move in the direction of my dream. If I have a burning desire, I will get out there, even when the beach is calling or a relaxing day at the pool seems more appealing.

If I have a burning desire, I will do whatever it takes, every day.

If I have a loose dream, it’s easy to change my mind, to make a different choice, to waffle around, changing my mind every few minutes or months about what I think I might love.

Can you feel the difference? Can you feel the power of the burning desire?

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich speaks to this as the one essential key to all dreams. I’ve read it before, many times, in fact, but I just simply haven’t have a strong enough desire until now.

Today, I activate a burning desire, from the depths of my soul. I have a burning desire for equality, for compassion, for kindness.  Today, as so many women and men march throughout our nation and even the world, I stand for LOVE, for equality, for abundance and safely and support for ALL people!

The burning desire would have gotten me up and out of bed earlier, would have gotten me to clear my calendar and be available, even when the weather forecast was for cold rain. Instead, I choose to keep my previously scheduled appointments and take a stand by writing and supporting those out there marching.

I’m so incredibly proud of all who are marching. (Well, truthfully, I’m not proud of all of them but I am proud of all who are marching FOR. There are notably those who are marching against and I’m not there. I don’t want to focus on that which I do not want, only that which I want to see more of.)

Perhaps you are one who has a dream, but hasn’t quite yet achieved it. Perhaps you are one who knows deep within your heart what you desire, but haven’t found the vehicle or pathway to achieve it.

I say to you – find the fire in your belly. It might be for what you think it is for, or it might be something entirely different. Find the fire. Tend the fire. Let it burn in and through you and you will be transformed and empowered to reach your dreams.

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In-Joy and With Ease,

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