We Thought It Would Never Come, but…

We Did It! We Got to the End of 2016!

We are moments away from a new year, tomorrow we will have a brand new blank slate. In the coming days we will consciously determine what we want to put on the slate, but first… How do you want to end this year, 2016?

Wait, what? What do you mean, the year is ending and the day is almost done. You might be thinking there is nothing you can do for this year now. But there is.

Consciously choose an emotion or state of being that you’d like to end the year with and go there now.

If you want to end the year at peace. Do it. Make a commitment to yourself to find peace right now in your beingness and bask there.

Find peace, or joy, or compassion or love. Close your eyes and drop into it. Land there with your entire awareness. If you can’t find it yet, draw the experience up from a memory; bring it into the present moment. There you go. Nice.

If you’d rather end the year in health or wealth or freedom, do the same process. Close your eyes and bring to your awareness, no just your mind, but to your entire being what it feels like to be healthy, wealthy and free. Find a place, if only a little glimmer of it. Wiggle into it. Then become it with every cell of your being – use your imagination if you need to; let it move and grow and expand. Let it become a new vibration and frequency in you.

Allow a statement – it could be an I am statement; to come into your awareness. Perhaps I’m healthy, wealthy and free. I am peace, joy and love. Choose one that resonates with your core. Say it out loud a few times and feel it anchoring and integrating.

Become it. Make a commitment to be this – at least today and into the new year! Awesome! You are now ending your year exactly the way you want to energetically, vibrationally and with the awareness and frequency of your desire, no matter the outer appearance.

Happy New Year!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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