Power of Neutral

When I was in my deep dive spiritual initiation journey a few years ago there were two foundational statements that kept me on track. The first was, “Are you willing to serve creation?” My answer was a resounding YES!

It was then followed by a statement, “you will be asked to surrender everything and anything that is unlike love or neutral.”power-of-neutral

I thought, “oh that sounds lovely!” Little did I know or realize how much I had inside of me that was unlike either love or neutrality.

I was listening to a piece just now and the idea of neutrality jumped out at me again.

Let’s explore neutral by first looking at its opposite. The opposite of neutral is “biased, committal, partial, predisposed, prejudiced”.  (Dictionary.com) Feel into those words. Biased, committal, partial, predisposed, prejudiced. Oh my those words have such heavy thick energy to them. Feel into this.

It is so vitally important to actually feel these things, not because we want more of it, but because these feelings live in our consciousness and until we tell the truth and begin to process them out, they will be running the show.

What is the emotional energy that comes up with these words? Is it fear or anger at the root? Dive deep into what arises and find the core, the place in yourself that knows this energy. Breathe into it and allow it to surface. Look at it, feel it, allow it. Do not justify or defend it. Simply feel it. Let it burn up and through your awareness.

Can you stick with it until it moves? Stick with it all the way through the wave to a sense of relief. It might show up like a deep breath or exhale; or a physical relaxation of your body. It will come. Relief will arrive. I promise!

In this place of relief, can you find neutral?  Neutral is the still point. It is deeper than silence. It is the point between the breath. It is the point between the up swing and the down swing.  Picture the swings at the playground. There is a moment, if ever so brief that is neutral.

Each time we process through an emotion it actually dismantles if we let it. Now, let me say that what is happening in the public world looks like opposite of this. It looks like the emotion, let’s say anger gets unleashed and set free. That is not what I’m talking about. There is a place where if you let the anger burn within you, you will be brought to neutral. From neutral you can choose authentic action. From neutral all things begin.

Each time we achieve neutral, there is a s5f_bbfkx0gw-erik-sandybaevpaciousness created that allows for magic, mystery and miracles. Can you find neutral today? Imagine just like putting your car into neutral, you could put your emotions and thoughts into neutral. Can you feel the power of it?

If you can’t find love, find neutral. If you can’t get out of fear, look for neutral.  If you are angry, feel it through and discover neutral.

There is great power in neutral, find it and use it!

In-Joy and With Ease,

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